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If your home has vaulted ceilings in one or more rooms, you know the difficulty you face maintaining the drama a high ceiling provides while keeping the space warm and inviting.

This hotel lobby has captured some of the both goals. Several design decisions made this possible.

First, the layout and architectural features of the space support an integrated room. The two tall thin windows help make the connection stronger and the choice to put oversized crown molding at the ceiling gives it a more significant presence in the room.

Colors are cohesive throughout and help to connect the flooring with the full height of the space. For example, the diagonal squares scattered on the stone floor have a dark taupe tone that is matched by the focal wall to the right and the stairs and railings for both staircases.

Artwork and accessories also work well in this room. The large three-part canvas echoes the shape of the long lean windows and the art’s soft tones provide a connection between all levels of the room without demanding too much attention. The lean plant almost feels like a piece of sculpture, and its height continues the theme of connecting upper and lower areas. Finally, the simple round table mirrors the curve of the stairway and brings attention to people-level.

What ideas can you borrow from this room to combine drama and comfort in your own vaulted-ceiling space?

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