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Winter weather can be tough all around both outside our homes and inside.  Beyond protecting ourselves from the inclement weather through insulation and weatherproofing, now is the time to think about protecting our floors from wet and soggy weather we bring into the house with us.

Rain, snow, ice and sleet can all be tough on our floors.  Along with the dirt we normally track in on the family’s shoes, these wintery precipitations can also carry chemicals such as salts and de-icers that can be terrible for our floors (and family pets).

Easiest thing to do to prevent winter weather and chemicals from being tracked through the home is to take your shoes off in the entry or mudroom.  Have a boot tray for wet shoes and boots to prevent puddles.  Keep cozy slippers nearby to slip into when you get home.  Have guest also remove their shoes when they stop by to visit.  Wipe your pets paws after walking outside with a wet wipe to remove  moisture, dirt and chemicals.

If removing your shoes is not your thing, provide a thick natural doormat like a choir or jute rug just outside the door to wipe shoes and boots.  Inside the door place a water wicking rug to further prevent messy floors. If you or your guests do track in winter weather and salt, wipe up the moisture as soon as possible. Dab carpets to remove dirt and water.

Taking precautions like these means less cleaning later and a longer life for your floors.

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