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Reader Question: Shopping for New Carpet

Posted by creatingyourspace under Reader Questions

whycarpet1Reader Question: Hello, I’m currently shopping for new carpet. Don’t want any too expensive but not too cheap. Just had a few ?’s…. Is nylon a good make, in terms of not going flat too fast, staying a little plush, etc? Also, would laminated cherry hard wood flooring be more maintenance or not, as oppose to carpet? Hope I didn’t bombard you with all the ?’s : )) Your input is greatly appreciated.

Answer: I guarantee we can find the perfect flooring for your home. Nylon carpet is of slightly higher quality than polyester. However, polyester has made huge waves recently with something that is called PET. It is made out of recycled plastic if you are at all concerned with staying “green”. There are certain types of strands that are going to hold their form better than others. Mohawk makes a carpet that incorporates a very tight twist in order to eliminate matting and wearing too quickly. As far as hard surface goes, there is a difference between laminate and hard wood and I’m not really sure which you are asking about. Laminate probably requires the least amount of maintenance between all three types of flooring. Carpet needs to be vacuumed on a regular basis and hardwood needs to be maintained by it’s surroundings. By that, I mean you need to maintain a certain level of humidity in order to keep the natural wood from drying out and warping. If you would like, feel free to call me at the store @ 702-433-0295 and we can discuss this with a little more detail. My name is Adam and I hope to hear from you soon.

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