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A Pet Friendly Home In A Few Steps

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating, Hardwood / Laminate

Pets are members of the family. Like all other family members, pets create unique cleanliness issues that are battled daily. No matter if your pets stay inside; or are allowed to go outside they constantly shed hair and dander. Don’t allow this battle to become overwhelming. There are some things you can control to help with this never-ending battle.

1. Use washable fabrics for upholstery and drapery. Expensive, delicate fabrics are not practical in a house with pets. Don’t allow yourself to become stressed with constantly protecting expensive luxurious fabrics.

2. If pet hair is an omnipresent entity within your house, a cheap, low power vacuum is not going to help. You’ll need high suction vacuums that may cost more, but will remove more amounts of pet hair embedded in carpet and upholstery.

3. Carpet on the floor where pet traffic is high, is never a good idea. If you have the choice of choosing the flooring, select tile over carpet (carpet can be stained) and wood floors (can be scratched by pet claws). If you don’t have the option to choose your flooring in theses high traffic areas, buy inexpensive rug runners that can be replaced once they become worn out.

4. As far as décor is concerned, you might want to design your pet’s sleeping and eating areas with mats and bowls. While shopping for these, keep your house’s décor in mind and buy accessories that would fit in, not stand out.

5. A toy box with a lid to house all of your pet’s toys.  This can be anything from an attractive basket to a trunk type box. Buy a toy box that will blend in with your décor. A box that can be closed off from your pets will allow you to keep a handle on the amount of pet toys laying around. If the toy box is open to your pet, you will find yourself constantly picking up toys and your pet dragging them all out again!

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