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Take the Lifestyle Quiz

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Have you ever wondered which type of floor is the best for the life you lead?  Should you choose carpet?  Or would hardwood work better in your home?  Are there situations where laminate would be better than natural stone?  How can you decide?

We have you covered!  On our website, we offer a powerful online tool that will help everyone with these choices. This tools shows how to match lifestyle needs with interior selections, finishes, requirements and much more. Once the quiz is completed you will see helpful suggestions to help you achieve a balanced home that fits right into your life style.

The quiz asks relevant questions regarding your lifestyle. It takes into account the daily activities and interests in your life. It also asks questions regarding to the people who live in the household and encompasses everyone’s needs. Asking the right questions about who lives in the home and what they do in turn offers suggestions about what types of materials will work best in the home. The suggestions cover floor type, lighting and added space needs.

The quiz determines your needs and helps you create a plan. Whether the plan is to turn a spare room into an office, arts and crafts area or a home gym, this tool gives you a starting point and a direction to go. The suggestions offer answers to existing questions and may cover aspects that you may not have thought about yet!

A home should be a reflection of the family or individual, as well as providing for the needs of the family and pets that live there. The information in this online tool goes beyond making finish selections for you. It gives options and explains each. A home should work with its inhabitants and make everyone comfortable, from extended family to guests and pets!

The quiz lets you know what materials to utilize, how to use them and even suggestions for your lifestyle.

Find out today what your home needs to help create the optimal interior environment!  Try the Lifestyle Quiz today! 


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