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Items to Reuse, Instead of Tossing

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We all know how important it is to recycle items and keep them out of landfills. There are other items we can at least re-use once or many times over before tossing them in the trash. Read on to get nifty tips for re-using, re-purposing and up-cycling things that we typically throw away. This will help the planet and yourself!

Clothing that is not worthy to donate, because they have holes or stains, are great for turning into cleaning rags. Do not buy cleaning rags, simply cut up old clothing and add them to your laundry room. This works especially well for clothing made from all cotton.

Old toothbrushes make great brushes to use when cleaning jewelry that contains diamonds or gem stones. They also work well when cleaning small, narrow areas like grout.

Wine bottles can be transformed into cool table top torches, perfect for any patio or garden. Look online to find tutorials on this easy DIY project. Decorative glass bottles can also be used to store hand soap and other liquids you use around the house. Simply buy the tops used for liquor and keep salad dressing or dish soap in them. These glass bottles make wonderful single stem vases for cut flowers. Use them in groups by placing them around a room or line them down the center of a dining table.

Save old newspapers to wrap and store breakable items in. Paper keeps delicate Christmas decorations and delicate china safe, when not being used. There are loads of other items that this material can protect. You can also cut up or shred newspaper and add it to a compost pile.

Transform old books into nifty little hideaway containers to keep valuables in. This is another activity that can be easily explained online. Basically use a utility knife to cut a square out of the pages, where jewelry and other small items can be stored away. Place them on accent tables or hide them amongst other books in a bookshelf.

Being responsible for the environment is very important to us at Carpets N More.  Click here to learn more about the specialty floor options we offer and ask us how we are committed to doing what is best for our world.


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