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Automatic Window Coverings: Aesthetic & Functional

Posted by creatingyourspace under Window Coverings

Window treatments have the ability to give any room a finishing touch and practicality. When considering what type of treatment to invest in, consider adding automatic window coverings. This type of treatment is motorized and available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Conventional window treatments are operable using a manual cord; which can become annoyingly tangled as well as a safety hazard to children and pets. A window with out cords looks clean and streamlined.  Installing automatic window treatments can add value to your home in more ways than one. These treatments provide everyday advantages such as comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Investing in such an upgrade adds considerable value to a home.

Automatic window treatments allow you to choose the desired amount of sunlight you let in; thus providing visual comfort to you and your family. Most automatic treatments include a timer setting. This feature can allow you to protect your furnishings from fading and increase privacy at any given time. Setting your window treatments to a timer can have the same added safety affect as having your lights set to a timer while away.

A number of brands offer sun-sensing technology; which senses the intensity of sunlight and can adjust accordingly to your needs. Having the option to control the amount of sun light that comes in through your windows is energy efficient because it increases the insulation quality of your home. Windows not only let light in, they also allow temperature gain and loss.

Automatic coverings give you options for saving energy each season. Having better quality and control of your insulation will keep heating and cooling cost down considerably. For example one could set the timer to open during the sun’s strongest hours of the day, in order to heat up the interior during winter. Closed blinds at night keep the warm air in and cold air out (the reversed effect is true for summer).

The many advantages of having motorized window coverings far exceeds manual, conventional window coverings. Automatic coverings will most likely pay for themselves within three to five years based on energy savings and added resale value. From an aesthetic standpoint these coverings are ideal because they do not distract or detract views; while adding a sense of warmth and comfort. The window coverings that have cords are obsolete now and will soon be extinct. Make your life easier and make the switch from manual to automatic.