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Cork Flooring

Posted by creatingyourspace under Green Flooring
Have you always wanted flooring that was durable but soft, beautiful but easy to maintain, which could reduce noise and resist temperature changes? Look no further than Cork flooring. This environmentally-friendly flooring option comes in colors ranging from brown to red to black. No matter how you plan to decorate the interior of your room, you can rest assured that cork will blend in and even improve its appearance.
Beauty and eco-friendliness are not the only things cork has going for itself, it is also water resistant, a highly desirable characteristic where floors are concerned and it is sturdy. Its sound absorbing capability helps provide quality acoustics. It is also resistant to abrasions such as high heels!
Due to its numerous positives, Cork flooring may be the perfect choice for practically any room you have in mind; a music room, bathroom, a child’s room, and even the kitchen. You might be wondering, “Where’s the catch?” This flooring is at its best when installed properly. Many of the problems with cork flooring can be traced back to improper installation. Issues such as sub-floor moisture and improper adhesives can contribute to unnecessary headaches where cork flooring is concerned. So ensure that the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual are properly understood before you begin installation or we can install it for you.
Also, know that the color of cork tends to fade over time. However, the appeal of the flooring still holds up. If you are on a budget, cork flooring can get a little expensive, but it is a cost-effective choice. Under normal conditions in the absence of excessive wear and tear, and if properly installed and maintained, cork floors can last for about 30 years.
Cork is no longer restricted to wine bottles; bring it down to your floors. It can provide the same warmth to your rooms as the aged wine it stoppers.