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How to Choose Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Carpets N More under Cabinets, Design and Decorating

Whether you are renovating or building a new home, one of the most essential decor choices that you will be choosing is the color of your kitchen cabinets. In fact, your kitchen cabinets will cover a large area and add to the overall look and feel of the kitchen. The color of your cabinets is the first thing someone notices when entering the room; therefore, the most crucial part of choosing dark kitchen cabinets is knowing how to mix and match them with other colors and textures. It is what will determine how good the kitchen looks at the end. To help everything flow properly, here are a few mixing and matching tips as you consider installing dark kitchen cabinets:

Balancing Act

Balance the dark shades with lighter colors, unless you want a depressing dark kitchen. One common combination, especially for luxury-themed kitchens, is black and white. Most dark shades also go well with white. You can also include aspects of other lighter colors such as a beige backsplash, light/medium brown flooring, or a soft white accent wall.

Let There Be Light

Make sure there is plenty of natural light coming into the space. If you are not careful, dark shades can create the perception of a much smaller room and can be depressing. To counter this, make sure that you have a lot of natural light coming into your kitchen. In the evening, make sure you have enough lighting to keep the space looking bright and airy.

The Dark Side

Match dark cabinets with other dark elements. While dark cabinets will pop out beautifully against a light-colored wall, they also look great when matched with dark flooring or other dark-colored elements in the kitchen. Plus, this will prevent the cabinets from looking like the only dark feature in the room. You can match the cabinets with dark flooring, a dark accent wall, or a dark countertop.

Dark cabinets will introduce a certain richness and depth that lighter colors just cannot achieve. While it may not have the same look as an all-white kitchen, it does bring a very calm and exciting twist to the space!

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