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Environmental Flooring Choices

Posted by Carpets N More under Green Flooring

Environmental flooring options are easily replaceable, sustainable, durable, and generally do not require a lot of maintenance. More importantly, they are healthy and do not give off toxic emissions that will adversely affect the health of your family.

Environmental flooring materials are natural without chemical processing or treatment. Flooring material that can be reused or recycled and flooring material made of recycled material also come under the definition of environmental flooring.

An example of environmental flooring is cork. You may not know this, but cork is natural and obtained from the bark of a tree. Cork flooring does not undergo a lot of chemical processing and can last for a very long time. Bamboo is another example of renewable flooring. Bamboo is a grass that can be replanted easily. Bamboo floors also require very little processing and are chemical free. Hardwood floors are examples of environmental flooring but you must make sure that the timber used is from trees that can be easily regenerated.

Easy to maintain and durable synthetic carpeting material made of recycled PET bottles or recycled nylon or rubber tires are another environmental flooring option. Linoleum is made of a combination of recycled components including linseed oil, wood shavings and cork shavings and makes an excellent non toxic environmental flooring option.

Stone and ceramic tiles are strong natural durable environmental flooring options that require very little maintenance and don’t give off toxic emissions.

The healthy wealthy and wise flooring choices for modern homes are environmental flooring options.  What’s your favorite choice for environmentally friendly floor choices?