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dal-z846cafeReader Question:

What is the appropriate size grout joint width for rectified tiles?


This question was submitted by Stuart Harris in the Las Vegas Craig Showroom and answered with support from Dal Tile.

Rectified tiles continue to increase in popularity, particularly in the commercial arena. For years, the
industry and Dal-Tile have recommended that Rectified tiles can be installed with a 1/16” grout joint.
However, installations have become more time consuming and difficult to ensure compliant installations when attempting to install a Rectified tile with a 1/16” grout
joint. In response, the new TCNA (Tile Council of North America) Handbook addresses this issue by
stating that “the actual grout joint size shall be at least 3 times the actual variation of
facial dimensions of the tile.” To simplify: Rectified tiles, regardless of size, shall have a grout joint
width no less than 1/8”.

Thanks, Stuart and Dal Tile!