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Now that you have installed beautiful hardwood floors from Carpets N More, we wanted to share a few helpful tips for prolonging the life of your floors. Of course, you want to protect your investment and preserve the natural beauty of your hardwood floors. That is why we wanted to focus on five precautions you should take with your hardwood floors. Let’s take a look!

Clean Flooring

This is an essential task for maintaining and extending the life of your floors. Just like other chores, if you maintain the chore on a day to day basis, the chores will not pile up. Simply sweep and dust mop the floors daily to prevent dust and dirt from spreading. This will also eliminate allergens in the home and prevents the floors from becoming scratched. Also, you will not be chasing those pesky dust bunnies, especially if you have pets! For additional cleaning procedures, only clean your floors with products recommended by the manufacturer.

No Sharp Objects

Do not forget that high heeled shoes can scratch and damage hardwood floors. Simply remove your shoes when you enter and place them in a designated storage area in the foyer. If you are a pet owner, keep your pet’s nails trimmed or purchase footies for your pets.

Floor Protectors

Invest in inexpensive floor protectors to place under furniture to prevent scuffs and scratches. These protectors are also marvelous for sliding large pieces of furniture over hardwood floors. They not only prevent scratches but make it so easy for one person to move furniture, especially for cleaning.

Direct UV Sunlight Exposure

Do not forget that sunlight can and will fade the color of your hardwood floors. During the peak hours of the day, use window coverings to eliminate the sun from directly hitting your hardwood floors. Area rugs are another great way to prolong the life of your floors while adding comfort, texture, and pops of color. Another helpful tip is periodically rearranging the furniture to allow the flooring to age naturally.

Accidents and Spills

Clean spills quickly with a dry cloth or paper towel to prevent staining and discoloration of the natural color. Again, only use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.

For advice on your specific hardwood floors, it is always a good idea to look at your manufacturer’s website. Additionally, a Carpets N More sales representative would love to help you with any further questions.


Hardwood Maintenance Video

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