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What’s Wrong With This Kitchen?

Posted by creatingyourspace under Ceramic/Porcelain, Design and Decorating

On the surface, this kitchen is alright if a bit dull, but look beyond the obvious – the floor is just not a fit. The light shaker cabinets allow the black countertops and appliances to really pop. Then the flooring, with its total lack of contrast with the cabinets, removes any chance of excitement in the design.

This kitchen had another opportunity to add a surprising element with the backsplash, but instead it’s just the same white as the inside of the glass-fronted cabinet, taking the energy right out of the room. Every kitchen deserves some drama, and this one was definitely short-changed.

Instead of what we see here, imagine the space with a black and white tile floor in a checkerboard pattern and a bright backsplash in an orange and red mosaic of contemporary glass tiles. These simple changes would turn this room into something that would make guests stop and stare instead of just walking past, waving at the cook on their way to the living room.

Why not go a little wild in your kitchen? You’ll be glad you did!