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The LED Light Show

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Lights amplify the energy in the room. LED strip lights are great to add to your space but should be used subtly and to highlight focal points, not to cover the room. They can be a great remedy to enhance a room with dark walls or be used to show the depth of wall art. LED light strips can be done very tastefully when applied correctly and should be reinitiated into your design theme if not there already. Here are five great ways to add LED lights strips to your home:

Under Cabinetry

If you need task lighting in your kitchen, consider installing LED light strips under your floating overhead cabinetry. It will allow light under your cabinets which can help keep your room from feeling overshaded while you work in the kitchen.

Behind Your Television

Another great place to put LED light stripping is behind your television. It will enhance your entertainment stand’s overall aesthetic look while also visually adding depth. The human eye is naturally attracted to the concept of depth which will make you entertainment stand look great all the time.

Behind Wall-Mounted Artwork

If you have artwork on a wall, consider install LED lights being them. It is a great way to make artwork pop and become a focal point of the room. Plus, it is also a great trick to use on dark walls to make the room still feel well-lit and energetic.

In Display Nooks

Display nooks and bookshelves naturally hinder the flow of light. If you notice that your display shelves are not getting adequate lighting, install LED lights strips subtly to shine down on each shelf. It will make your display items look more intriguing and help keep dark areas looking fresh and well-kept.


Have you considered embedding light strips into your outdoor planters? It can turn your boring outdoors into a luxurious, contemporary oasis. Doing this can not only keep the outdoors lit at night but can make your plants look mesmerizing throughout the evenings.

If you think LED strips are outdated or not for you, consider these stylish trends. LED lights are design tricks that can help revamp any room and make it feel livelier. For more great tips and tricks, visit us at Carpets N More.

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