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Help Your Home Become Eco-Friendly

Posted by Carpets N More under Green Flooring

How eco-friendly is your home? Read on…Did you know that the materials that make up your home might be the cause of your health problems?
Common health hazards in the home:
1. Is Painting fun? Many paints contain VOCs or Volatile Organic compounds, which have severe health effects. Some may even be carcinogenic. Try and go for a non-VOC paint the next time you repaint your walls. *Milk Paint is considered a green product and doesn’t emit harmful fumes. Most major paint companies are coming out with new eco-friendly brands, with little or no VOC off gasing.
2. Synthetic fabrics: Synthetic fabrics used for curtains and upholstery are made using chemicals, some of which are allergy inducing. Select organic fabrics; they are produced from natural fibers (ex. Cotton Linen); which are processed without chemicals.
3. Cleaning your home: Heavy draperies collect dust. Remove the dust by vacuuming with a clean (brushless) attachment. This will remove the majority of dust from the fabric. Most popular cleaning products have a long list of toxic chemicals and high alkalinity. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products.
4. HEPA filters: Many people who’ve opted for whole house HEPA filters have noticed a significant decrease in allergies and other health related issues. This product filters out pollen, dust and chemicals that are tracked inside from shoes each day.
5. Flooring and Furniture: Bamboo is a renewable resource because it grows at a rapid pace. It is a durable alternative to hardwood floors. Bamboo can be stained any color, it also looks great natural with a clear natural stain. Bamboo is an excellent product used to make furniture. It is pliable and lightweight; yet very durable.
Cork is another renewable resource. It has a distinctive look, and feels warm and inviting. It can be used as flooring and even upholstery. Underfoot, cork feels soft and comfortable. Cork is produced in tiles and planks. Ordering extra tiles is a good idea in case an area is damaged; replace a couple tiles instead of replacing the whole floor. Installed bamboo and cork produce very small amounts of VOCs.

Do our planet and families a favor and opt for eco-friendly products and materials!