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What to Consider Before Buying Carpet

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Carpet can help make a living room feel cozy, add a layer of comfort to a bedroom, and even create a stylish accent piece with a decorative area rug in your dining room. By adding this blank of warmth around your home, you can create an all-around more inviting atmosphere. Think about the last family game night you had. While playing a board game on the floor, you realized that a hard surface flooring is not so comfy. Where carpet expands the boundaries of sitting beyond your chairs and couches and allows the whole room to feel like a place to relax, you concluded that it is the perfect option for your family and lifestyle. That being determined, while carpet shopping, you should be cognitive of several key facts:

Not All Carpets Are Created Equally

Typically, when people go to replace their carpet, they look for a similar style and color. If you liked the carpet before it needed to be replaced, you would love it again, right? Yes; however, not all carpets are created equally. If you can find the same exact style, that is great; however, do not look for a lower-end, mimicking carpet. If you had a high-quality carpet and downgrade to a lower grade carpet with a similar color, you will be very disappointed in the product. The carpet’s resilience will be less and tend to make the carpet appear “matted.” In essence, try to not be so set on color as much as the quality of what you are buying.

Padding Matters

Yes, carpet is soft; however, the padding you chose makes a big difference! Do not get the most inexpensive padding on the market. Heavy padding can help your carpet last longer and really change the general feel. A lot of things in life may not serve an aesthetic value but can really improve the overall performance. Think of the springs and shocks on your car. You may not see them, but they are essential to your vehicle’s longevity and comfort.

Color Variation

Have you heard the expression paint gets darker when you put it on the walls? Well, carpet tends to look a little lighter when putting it in a room. You should also note carpets have different dye lots. Ordering the same carpet at different times of the year or even the same purchase can result in different dye lots. While dye lots can play a role in the color, consider fading over time as well. Areas that are exposed to direct sunlight could fade. It is best to close blinds in areas that have spots directly exposed to sunlight for long hours of the day.

Choose a carpet that stands out to you. Make sure you have it professionally installed as well. You do not want to invest money in a quality carpet to have it poorly installed in your home. Your new carpet will help transform your home back to how you want it to look.

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Stainless steel is a beautiful finish that looks even better when it is gleaming and shining. In fact, many homeowners feel that stainless steel can make any space feel modern and sleek. That being said, anyone with stainless steel appliances and surfaces in their kitchen will tell you that keeping this finish spotless can be a challenge, especially if you have little ones or a big family. How can you keep your stainless steel surfaces free from watermarks and fingerprints? Check out our tips and tricks:

Cleaning a Steel Range

When cleaning a stainless steel stove or range, you will really have to “dig in deep.” It is not enough to simply clean the top surface. You will need to remove the control knobs because dirt and grime often get stuck under them. When you do not remove the knobs to clean them, remnants of the food you have been cooking as well as other types of grime will build up in that area which is unsanitary and eventually become hard to remove. Also, make sure you clean the hood so that grease does not accumulate.

Stainless Steel Appliances Handles

The handles on your stainless steel appliances will require regular cleaning since we tend to touch these areas often. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe them down a couple of days out of the week. It is best to use fine-woven microfiber cloths that are used to clean eyeglasses. This material is great at effectively removing dust and dirt without leaving behind smears or streaks.

Prevent Oxidation

Have you ever noticed a white film developing over a stainless steel surface? This is called oxidation. When steel begins to oxidize, a white film starts to grow over the surface creating a cloudy effect. You can fight against oxidation by applying a pumice powder and water mixture on your appliances. Pumice powder can be purchased at a local hardware store.

Cleaning the Countertops

If you have stainless steel countertops, a weekly cleaning of your countertops will keep the kitchen looking fresh. Plus, you do not have to use expensive cleaners, and you should avoid abrasive cleaning agents. In fact, a simple dish detergent and water mixture can be effective. Use a light dish towel during the cleaning process so that you do not scratch the surface.

Do you have any tips or tricks of your own for cleaning stainless steel appliances? We would love to hear your recommendations below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!