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Employee Profile: Stuart Harris

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img_1293Please take a few moments to get to know Las Vegas employee Stuart Harris a little better!

What is your name and position with Carpets N More? Retail Store Manager at the Craig Rd Store IE Sales Person Extraordinaire.

How long have you been with the company? I’m not sure. What time is it?

What is your favorite thing about Carpets N More? The freedom to be myself and provide the kind of service that I would want.

What do you think makes Carpets N More unique? People like me that care about what they do.

Do you have a memorable customer experience that you can share? I love all my Customers but one Lady that wasn’t even my Customer handmade some thank you cards for me that matched my business cards. Very special.

Why should a customer choose Carpets N More over a box store or another retail store? We care about the job that we do and stand by it. Personal service.

What is the best part about your position? See # 3

If there’s one thing you could tell past, current or future customers, what would it be? Don’t forget to remember me! (See Carrie Underwood)

What’s your favorite floor in your home and why? My carpet and the duet pad in my bedroom. Very cozy!

If you could have any product that Carpets N More sells in your home what would it be? New counters and closet organizes. I dream of closet organizers.

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