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Creating an Attractive Universal Design Bath

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As part of this year’s Bathroom Blogfest, we’d like to spend a moment talking about Universal Design using this room scene.

The bathroom in this photo has an interesting design – contemporary with a natural touch. What you may not have noticed is that the bath is also designed for accessibility.

If you look a bit more closely, you can see that this bathroom is wheelchair-friendly. The sink has open space underneath to allow a wheelchair to slide in closely. The towel rack is within easy reach of someone who is seated.

Take a look at the storage unit toward the back. It is on casters, allowing it to be moved out of the way for easier maneuvering, but positioned when needed anywhere in the room.

Where is the mirror for a seated person? If you could open the door of the storage cupboard on the left, you would see a mirror set on the door at the perfect height for viewing from a chair. This cabinet also has all its storage in easy reach from a wheelchair. The higher mirrors and medicine cabinets indicate that this bathroom is used by two or more people, one standing.

Manufacturers recently have begun to design products that meet varied mobility needs without sacrificing style. Check in with your salesperson to find out some of the beautiful pieces that are also functional for those of limited mobility. In the long term, there are definite advantages to having a bathroom that is well designed and more accessible.

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Bathroom Blogfest Announcement

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Stay tuned next week! We are proud to be participating in this year’s Bathroom Blogfest.

What on earth is a Bathroom Blogfest? The 2010 Bathroom Blogfest, now in its fifth year, brings together 33 bloggers from the U.S., Canada, the UK and India to address the 2010 Mad Men inspired theme “Stuck in the 60s?” A blogfest brings together writers who direct their blog posts around a single subject while making the subject relevant to their readers during a specific timeframe. Between October 25 and 29, these experts in marketing, customer experience and service, public relations, library sciences, museums, home & interior design, life, retail, flooring and healthcare IT/RTLS will call attention to improving the overall bathroom experience for end users via their 40 blogs during Bathroom Blogfest 2010.

Below are the folks that are participating this year. Stay tuned!

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