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Design in the Details: Stitching

Posted by Carpets N More under Design and Decorating, Interior Finishes

Details are what make a professionally designed room stand out. Interior designers and decorators know that designing and decorating a space is more than just arranging lighting and furniture, selecting wall colors, choosing flooring and buying accents.  Design is in the details. Small touches that might be overlooked at first glance are the things that make good design great design.

One design detail that many people probably overlook is stitching. Decorative stitching, as opposed to the stitching that holds a piece together, can add an extra bit of flair. Decorative stitching can be something like quilting or a blanket stitch on the edge of a throw or rug. As seen in this picture, detailed stitching can be done on leather as well as fabrics.

For leather or suede furnishings, decorative stitching is a common design element. The stitching can be done in a white or contrasting thread so it stands out. Just like quilting where the thread can blend or become a decorative element on its own, decorative stitching on leather can be subtle or bold. Stitching can be purely decorative or as part of the construction of the piece. Seams can be highlighted with contrasting thread for a decorative look.

Pillows and other soft goods can be embellished with embroidery as well as quilting. Embroidery can be done in geometric, abstract and representative patterns—the possibilities are endless.

Next time you are purchasing a rug, piece of furniture or decorative accessory pay attention to the details like stitching.