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karin-croppedBelow is an interview with Design Consultant Karin Stalteri. Please read on to get to know Karin a little better!

What is your name and position with Carpets N More? Karin Stalteri – Design Consultant / Residential Contract Manager. I work in a dual role both as a design consultant meeting with customers to pick out their flooring and countertops as well as manage residential builder accounts.

How long have you been with the company? A little over 2 years

What is your favorite thing about Carpets N More? Getting to use my creativity

What do you think makes Carpets N More unique? We are able to provide our customers with great pricing because we do so much volume as opposed to some other stores and design centers that have very little work and are not able to pass on or provide their customers with these types of discounts and pricing.

Do you have a memorable customer experience that you can share? Just about every experience is memorable. I always enjoy the ones where people really care about their home and having it be something special.  I encourage people to take the time to really make smart choices that they are going to love now and for years to come.

Why should a customer choose Carpets N More over a box store or another retail store? Better pricing and customer service

What is the best part about your position? Helping people create a unique home.

If there’s one thing you could tell past, current or future customers, what would it be? Seal your grout and don’t get carpet that is too light!

What’s your favorite floor in your home and why? My entryway. I have a custom made medallion and it creates a great first impression.

If you could have any product that Carpets N More sells in your home what would it be? Antico Hardwood