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Finding the Right Kitchen Floors

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. So, in many kitchen remodels, this can also be one of the most stunning rooms. Kitchens offer a wide variety of appliances, cabinets, countertops, and other investments that enhance the overall feel and look. When designing a kitchen, flooring is an option that will quickly come to mind. While many homeowners love the look of traditional hardwood flooring, it is typically not practical for kitchen application. Instead, you should look for a floor that can withstand spills or accidental drops onto the ground. This criterion makes hardwood very unpractical for the kitchen. However, have no fear because we put together some other excellent options to consider in your home.


Tile is excellent for most kitchens. Tile offers a versatile flooring option that is not only waterproof but extremely visually appealing as well. Choosing tile is one way to complement your countertops or backsplashes in your kitchen. Plus, tile is a luxurious flooring option that looks great in many kitchens and is extremely equipped for the job at hand.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl has come a long way in the industry. We are seeing more diverse patterns than ever before with tile-like or hardwood-like selections. Plus, sheet vinyl can be cut to the size of your kitchen. However, you should be aware that it may have seams. Yet, some sheet vinyl offers a cushioned padding which can make your flooring soft and hold warmth in your kitchen. This factor is great for homeowners who may expect to drop dishes on the ground or have children.

Luxury Vinyl Planking

One of the most versatile flooring options on the market today is LVP. LVP is a vinyl planking system that is 100% waterproof. They come in many styles that can highly replicate that desired hardwood look. In fact, LVP is becoming one of the most common flooring options being used in modern design. Scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and durable, this floor is perfect for daily kitchen tasks.

Every flooring can come with its own sets of pros and cons. Any of these floorings can be great in your kitchen. Ask your sales representative for more information about the products that interest you, and for more great tips and tricks, make sure to subscribe.