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Leather is an incredibly versatile material for decorating. The durable material can be found on furniture, flooring, accessories and wall coverings. Leather can get better with age if it is properly taken cared of and cleaned.  You can find leather upholstery, rugs and accent pieces for almost every room in your home.

Leather upholstered furniture is perhaps the most common place to find leather in the home.  Leather sofas and club chairs are classic choices for living rooms, family rooms and media rooms.  Leather upholstered headboards for master bedrooms are also popular. In the design world leather is thought to have a more masculine style than say, velvet or chintz, so it is a good choice to balance out feminine design elements. It is a great material for kids and pets if properly treated and cleaned. This is most true for darker leathers in browns and blacks.

Leather can also make a great material for flooring. Woven and braided leather rugs can be used in bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens. There are also “shag” area rugs made from strips of leather for a soft, luxurious feel underfoot. Stamped leather floor tiles can replace carpet tiles. If you are thinking about using leather on the floor, talk with your retailer or do some online research about care and maintenance.

Leather can also be used on walls. Wall panels upholstered in leather are great sound barriers for a home theater or study.  Leather accents like pillows, desk accessories and boxes are additional ways you can decorate with leather in your home.