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8 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates

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Updating can get expensive, quick. For budget-friendly hacks that will not break the bank, check out our guide on eight budget-friendly kitchen updates. Let’s take a look! 

Eight Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates

1. Make a Splash.

Your kitchen sink can be the focal point of your space, whether you like it or not. Updating the faucet can help bring your sink back to life. If you are looking for a quick fix, you spraypaint your current faucet fixture with a metallic color. Otherwise, replacing the fixture with a more modern one can be an excellent solution for an outdated room. 

2. Lights On

If your lights are dull, it can bring down the vibe of the entire room. To help bring it back to life, swap out your current light fixtures for brighter, more efficient ones. You may even want to consider finding a more trendy fixture to help update your space. 

3. Fresh Cabinetry

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for outdated cabinetry. If your current cabinet color just is not working for you, try to update it with a new paint color. Deep colors are all the rage right now in cabinetry, but if you are looking for more inspiration, browse our online showroom to get inspired.  

4. Update Outlet/Light Switch Plates.

Outlet covers and light switch plates are subtle ways to tell if a kitchen is outdated. To help update on a budget, you can paint your current plates with a more trendy color. If you have the budget, you can swap out your current plates and covers with more current ones. 

5. Swap Out Old Hardware. 

Switching out your old hardware can be another way to spruce up your cabinetry. If the handles look old, it can age your kitchen. That being said, antique handles are all the rage right now. A tremendous budget-friendly hack is to go to a local antique shop in search of hardware. You may find one-of-a-kind treasures that make your kitchen unique.

6. Savage Storage. 

While you are updating, it is a good idea to add more storage wherever possible. Wall shelves and corner cubbies can be great, affordable solutions for extra storage in a snap. 

7. A Minimalist’s Countertop. 

A stylish home is a clutter-free home. Take on a minimalist’s approach by clearing off your countertops of clutter. 

8. Doll Up Your Decor. 

Now is the time to dress up your kitchen with stylish decor for a reasonable price. You can add new pictures to the walls, switch out your chair’s fabric, and add a runner to your floors. These simple and affordable ideas will help make your kitchen your own.  

With all the money you saved on updates, you can budget towards something you really desire like new floors. At Carpets N More, we do not compromise quality, and with financing options available, you can have the home of your dreams in no time. Call us or visit us for more information. 



How to Embrace an All-White Kitchen

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Let’s be honest, trends come and go. They rarely stick around for very long and they are often hard to master. With the design industry constantly changing, you may want something that will stay in style longer than this sentence. We like to call these timeless trends “classics” or “staples,” because year after year they improve upon themselves and never go out of style. Now you may be wondering, what classic trend has stuck around all of these years? The answer: the color white. White is a seemingly timeless color that embodies the look of cleanliness, simplicity, and elegance all in one color. 

Today, we want to encourage you to take your design skills to the next level and embrace an all-white kitchen. Before you get hesitant or log off, it truly can be done to perfection. With our simple five tips, you can take your kitchen to the next level. Let us take a look! 

How to Embrace an All-White Kitchen

1. A Continuous Look.

One issue that homeowners may face when decorating an entire room in white is the stark comparison to the rest of your home. In order to make things blend, we recommend incorporating white throughout the rooms surrounding your kitchen. This will help make the transition feel cleaner and look more visually appealing. 

2. Create a Contrast.

We love dark floors, especially against the pureness of white! This beautiful contrast creates the most beautiful space. If you are interested in learning more about our selection of dark flooring, visit our online showroom at You can take a look at our beautiful selection of rich, dark hardwood floors that would perfectly accent an all-white kitchen. 

3. Add Neutrals

A lot of white can be a little intense visually. If you are looking to tone it down a bit, try adding neutrals throughout your kitchen. The neutrals will help balance the white and create a clean environment. 

4. Go Bold.

If you are not set on the idea of an entirely white room, you can add color with bold appliances and fixtures. Now is your chance to buy a bright blue refrigerator or yellow electronic mixer! It will have nothing to clash with and that is the best part.  

5. Add Elegance

Finish your space off with elegant backsplash and countertops. The right material can truly make a marvelous difference in your space. This will give you a chance to add texture without veering away from your color scheme.  

We hope you enjoyed these tips for embracing an all-white kitchen. Do not forget to visit us for all of your flooring and backsplash needs! 


Creating a Sleek and Modern Bathroom

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Who doesn’t love the look of a modern and sleek room? It’s time to apply this concept to the bathroom. The bathroom is a space in the home that requires as much attention as you can give it, especially if you want to create the ultimate sanctuary. The key to creating a sleek look in the bathroom is simplicity. You’ll want to embrace minimalist and super clean furnishings. Whether your home’s overall style is more rustic or traditional and you want to dabble with a modern style for the bathroom or your whole style is a modernist fantasy, here are some tips for creating the perfect modern sleek bathroom.

Crisp Neutral Palettes
The palette of a modern and sleek bathroom is very simple. You’ll need to embrace lots of crisp neutrals like; shades of white, black, charcoal gray and taupe. You’ll find that most modern bathrooms use more sophisticated materials like; wood varieties, nickel, veined stone or porcelain. These materials can be used to accent elements to make a demure statement rather than making a bold decorative statement.

If you don’t want the space to feel too cold you can bring in natural touches through warm woods. Be sure to stick to subtle grains to preserve the tranquil and clean lined atmosphere.

Implement Modern Lighting
To really make your bathroom look and feel both fresh and clean, then bright and modern lighting choices are essential. Use LED or fluorescent bulbs which provide a bright white light without creating yellowish undertones. Often, modern lights cast a cool glow. Use these lighting types above the medicine cabinet to keep the walls super bright which ultimately makes the bathroom look bigger. Modern light fixtures include styles like pendant or flush mount features which create beautifully illuminated spaces. There is abundance of modern or contemporary lighting fixtures on the market.

Minimalist Accessories
Since a modern bathroom embraces a minimalist style, you want to use simple accessories. A frame-less mirror will look elegant in such a space especially if its extended from wall to wall. Use streamlined hardware that originates from one manufacturer and features one set finish that you can use for the faucet, shower knobs and towel bar.


Kitchen Organization for the Busy Homeowner

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When you have a busy life, organizing your home in your free time is the last thing on your mind. With booked calendars and full agendas, you want to organize your home, but fast. To help you organize your kitchen, we have created helpful tips for the busy homeowner. This way you can focus on what is important and leave the organizing to us! 


Kitchen Organization for The Busy Homeowner:

Make a List, Check it Twice

One of the most difficult parts of organizing your kitchen is your food. Before you go to the grocery store, have a pre-prepared list. As you use items, write it down on the list to avoid confusion and potentially forgetting things. Plus, if you are looking for a beautiful grocery list, you can paint a chalkboard wall in your kitchen. This way you know what you need at all times and everyone in the family can contribute. Plus, it is totally stylish. 


The Right Place

Organizational experts want homeowners to realize that organizing can be easy. If you want to make your kitchen more functional, place everything near its purpose. By that we mean, place your pots near the stove and your cups near the fridge. When things are within easy reach, it can make cooking clean up a whole lot easier on you. 



Labeling is one of the most affective and useful organizing tools. If you use clear containers, print a label out for it. Label each of your food items to help you and your family has ease of mind and ease of use. 


Reuse + Repurpose

Old mason jars and glasses can be reused and repurposed throughout your home. Before you throw away emptied glass jars, think about the different ways you can use it. 



Always a good idea to keep an eye out on your food’s expiration date. Throw away things in your pantry that have expired and keep an eye on your refrigerator’s items. 


Get Contained

Clear containers are one of the most functional storage options for kitchens. They work well for storing your flour, seeds, spices, etc. Just be sure to print a label! 


How do you keep your home organized? Be sure to leave us a comment below!


Kitchen Backsplash Tips

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In the past, kitchen backsplashes were not addressed in the design stage, they were instead an afterthought. Today, backsplashes are a unique and creative way to draw attention to a focal point, and a driving force in design element. Below are a few tips that will make backsplash choices a breeze!

  1. Home Colors – Is there a consistent color scheme throughout your home? If so, pick one of these colors for your backsplash. Are you planning on keeping this color scheme for years, or replacing soon? Keep in mind that tile backsplashes are more permanent than paint or fabric. When in doubt, stick with white and neutrals.
  2. Balance of Colors – Look around your kitchen and determine if you have different colors or a consistent color scheme. Think wall paint color, cabinet color, countertop color and floor color. If there are many colors in your kitchen, go with a neutral backsplash. If your kitchen is a consistent color scheme like white or neutral, now is your chance to go bold with the backsplash. Just make sure it’s a color you won’t get tired of or a trendy color that fades quickly!
  3. Kitchen Surface Patterns – Are the walls a solid color or wallpapered? Don’t forget about decorative moldings and chair railing on the wall. The same goes for the cabinets, are they simple, clean lines, or do they have decorative carved molding.  Are the countertops a solid color surface, or a busy, marble surface? Don’t forget about the floors. Too many patterns can be busy and confusing, while too little can be boring and bland. The goal is a balanced kitchen!
  4. Counter Space Use – Do you have small appliances like toasters, can openers or cookbooks, and artwork on the counters? If you display a lot of items on your countertops, a busy backsplash will make your kitchen look confused and cluttered. On the other hand, if your countertops have open space, a plain backsplash may appear boring or washed out. Here is your chance to focus on a backsplash “Focal Point” with color and pattern.
  5. Tile Installation is a PATTERN – Most of us never think of this tip as a pattern, but it is! Many backsplash tiles used are smaller and create a pattern on its own. Subway tiles are a wonderful way to add a herringbone or brick pattern, while square tiles are perfect for a diamond pattern. Keep in mind, grout color will also create a pattern.

These days, kitchen backsplashes are no longer there to protect your walls from spills and splatter. With the array of backsplash designs and materials available, they can add to the decor of your kitchen.  In fact, updating or installing a backsplash is one of the easiest ways to upgrade an old kitchen. So, if your kitchen’s decor has gotten a bit bland, add some pizazz to it by installing a trendy backsplash.


It’s important to spend some time on deciding what type of backsplash you’ll be installing in your kitchen. While it may seem like a simple task, choosing the right type of backsplash material and design can be complicated because it must fit in with your kitchen’s overall design.  What are some important things you should keep in mind during this process?


1. Height of the Backsplash

Many homeowners overlook the height of the backsplash, but this is a critical detail. The backsplash should have an endpoint. The endpoint of the backsplash can depend upon the placement of the cabinetry or your personal preference.


2. Will you go with colors or stay neutral?

The colors you’re interested in using the backsplash design scheme is the first decision you’ll make. You’ll have to decide whether you’re interested in selecting a color theme or if you feel it’s best to stay in the neutral zone. A colorful backsplash is a bold design choice that has an immediate impact. A neutral design is a safe choice that can add just as much character.


3. Type of Material

The kind of material you’ll be using in your kitchen backsplash design is just as important as the colors you will be selecting. What type of materials will blend well with your kitchen? Backsplash materials are available in ceramic, tile, glass and several other variants.


Are you ready to add a wow factor to your kitchen’s design? Well, it’s time to install a well-crafted and intricate design backsplash to your kitchen walls. 


Granny Smith Apple Tuna Salad Wraps

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Tuna salad is delicious but can be unhealthy when too many additions are made. But it doesn’t have to be! This is a healthy version of tuna salad that you can indulge in and either prepare in a wrap, on crackers or as a sandwich.

What You Will Need:

5 Oz. Tuna in water

1 Granny Smith Apple

½ Cup Olive Oil based Mayonnaise

2 Tbsp. Yellow Mustard

Salt and Cracked Black Pepper (to taste)

Choice of Large flour tortilla wraps

Romaine Lettuce


Drain the water out of the tuna. Place into a large mixing bowl. Dice or cube the Granny Smith apple into small pieces. Add diced apple, mayo and mustard to the mixing bowl. Mix all contents together with a large spoon or fork. Then add salt and pepper to taste. I prefer 1 Tsp. salt and 1 Tsp. cracked black pepper.

Layout wrap and line it with one leaf of romaine lettuce. Spoon in the tuna salad and wrap the tortilla like a burrito. Feel free to add shredded cheddar cheese for extra flavor (if you do not mind the extra calories) or grapes for a guilt-free boost in flavor! 


Country kitchens are a mixture of different textures, colors, prints, and patterns. They make good use of natural materials whenever possible, as well as textures and materials that have been shaped and affected by people. When it’s time to select a floor for your Country kitchen, you have several options to choose from.


Hardwood Floors

There are many different hardwoods that are perfect for the Country kitchen. Wide-plank yellow pine is always a nice option, because its soft finish patinas and weathers beautifully over time, showing the family’s history in the house.

Hand scrapped boards are also a nice choice for Country kitchens. The hand scraping results in a textured floorboard that has a rustic appeal, and many hardwoods finish beautifully this way including maple and hickory.



There are several different types of Country kitchens, and there is no better floor for the French Country kitchen than limestone. These rough-textured stones have been used in French farmhouses for centuries. Unlike other limestones, they are extremely tough and durable and they can withstand years of hard use without aging in the slightest.


Complement Your Kitchen

Ultimately the floor you choose for your Country kitchen should complement the rest of your décor. Look for materials and colors that match what you already have going on to get the most cohesive look. 


What To Do with a Tiny Powder Room

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Having an extra half bath for guests is a great thing, even if it is a very, very small powder room.  A powder room really only needs two things to function: a toilet and a sink. This doesn’t mean that you should leave the room with only the functional necessities. Even the smallest powder rooms can benefit  from good design. In fact, because of its small footprint, the powder room can be turned into a jewel box with a few design tricks.

This powder room has good bones that make the foundation for great design.  A smaller size toilet is a must for a tiny powder room. The pedestal sink also takes up less visual space with its narrow base.  The one downside is the pedestal sink does not provide any storage. Luckily, in a powder room you don’t need a lot of storage. A small decorative box or basket on the floor could hold extra toilet paper and soaps.

The dark tile floor helps make this powder room feel larger.  The white fixtures pop against the dark floor.  But why stop with white walls?  Because powder rooms are not rooms you spend a great deal of time in, they are perfect places to be a little bold with the wall décor.  Wallpaper is a great way to make a powder room feel special. Go bold with pattern or paint color in a powder room.

A big mirror or mirrors on opposing walls can make a powder room feel larger. An interesting pendant light or chandelier is also the perfect jewel box touch for these tiny rooms.


Wood in the Bathroom

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With all the moisture that comes with a bathroom you might think that you can’t do wood in the bathroom. This isn’t necessarily the case.  Having a fan that vents outside can help control humidity in the bathroom. Plus there are woods that are engineered and treated to withstand a bit of moisture.

Wood and laminate floors can be used in the bathroom. To protect them from moisture you’ll want to use a bathmat and wipe up any spills and splashes.  Wood and laminate are not as water resistant as other materials commonly used for bathroom floors like tile or vinyl.  Knowing how to take care of wood floors in wet areas can prolong the look and life of your investment.

Some woods are more moisture resistant than others. Teak for example is a wood that is commonly used outdoors and on boats.  Using teak as a wood floor or counter top in a bathroom is a great way to add wood to the bathroom.  Some treated and engineered woods intended for outdoor use on decks, railings or docks can also be used in wet areas like showers and around the tub. Doing your research before you install can save you time and headaches if the material is not what you need.

Wood can also be used on the vanity. Using a stone or solid surface counter on top of a wood vanity gives you the look of wood with the strength of stone. A great look for the bathroom.