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How to Pick a Color You Will Love Forever

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While many homeowners are attracted to bold and bright hues, many people are determined to select a shade that they can live with seeing on their walls every day. Let’s be real, a stunning color may look stunning in a magazine, but it might not be a color that you can stand waking up to every morning. So, how do you find a balance between choosing a palette that is livable and something that is exciting? To help, we have four must-know tips that we want to share with you. Let’s take a look!

Never Buy Paint on The Spot

You may be tempted to purchase a paint color because it looks good in the store, but you should never buy paint on the spot. When you begin the process of putting together a palette for your home, you should start with a wide range of options.  Do not worry about picking out the best color; instead, you should go with the intention of seeing what your options are.  Pull a ton of swatches so that you can study them and make an informed decision later. 

Bring a Swatch

When visiting a paint store, you should not go in empty-handed. Bring a white or black piece of paper so that you can see what your swatch looks like in contrast against other colors. In the store, a color can look different; however, when you bring your samples to compare it against black and white, you can get an idea of what the color may look like in your home.

Experimenting with Swatches

Now that you have gotten some paint swatches to play with, you can test with them in your home so you can decide what works for you. You can expect hues to look different in real life light and at different times of the day. Tape the paint chips or swatches against the wall and analyze them in various light settings.

Take Your Time

Be sure to take your time. Most people hate to repaint their walls just because the shade was not right for them; therefore, you should really sit with a color before you make the final decision to apply it.

We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful. For more expert advice, visit us at Carpets N More.


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