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How to Integrate Feng Shui in Your Home

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese pseudoscience that attempts to bring the energies found in nature into our homes to create a livelier and more energetic living environment.  Doorways are considered the gateways or the “mouths” for chi energy to enter into your home.  Different variables such as the direction of the doors or where they are located in the house all play a role in obtaining the perfect Feng Shui throughout your home.  If you are new to the concept, here are several rules of Feng Shui that you may not know and can integrate into your own home:


Believe it or not, color has an “effect” on the Feng Shui of your home.  The direction your front door is facing has a correlating color assigned to it.  For example, south-facing doors are to be painted red, whereas a north facing door is to be blue or black.  Swapping this can “create” negative energy.  East facing doors are always to be natural wood colors and west facing doors are to be yellow.  The pseudoscience presents a reason for each color and how they can help bring your home prosperity and good fortune.

Front Door

Your front door should also be your most grand entrance.  This is typical in most house designs today but does not always hold true.  Your front door is actually supposed to open in to bring positive energy in and not open out which would essentially be pushing the positive energy back out into the world.  In Feng Shui, it is also believed that a good front door should open into a wide opened space and never be blocked.  You can put plants on either side of the door as well to help bring the outside into the home.


Is your front door visible from other rooms in your house?  Walls can block positive energy from flowing freely throughout your space.  A front door should be able to be seen from different rooms in the house and should also be a respectable size to the complement the size of the home.  A door that is too little or too big for a home can prevent “energy” from entering your home.

How does your house does hold up to the rules of Feng Shui? We would love to know below in the comment sections.


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