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Artificial Yet “Natural” Design Elements

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

The key to Rustic Design is earthy tones and natural elements.  Dark browns and warm woods thrive in this atmosphere, allowing the country-style design to flourish.  Architects use things like exposed wooden beams, copper accents, and oak doors to credit the beauty of natural elements as well. However, there are many “unnatural elements” which have trickled their way into the industry, and we find that they are still considered to be very much natural in appearance:


When you think of a countryside’s natural elements, you probably imagine everything you would find out and about on a hike.  Woods, stones, even some metals may come to mind; however, when it comes to brick, you think of it as an artificial building material, and it may not be your first thought.  But in fact, adding bricks to your home can help amplify a traditional Rustic Design while helping to bring in a little color to your room.  Whether you go with the classic red, darker browns, or even white painted options, bricks have proven themselves worthy of amplifying the design in Rustic Style.


A stone fireplace with a wooden mantle is a timeless staple in Rustic Design, whereas, concrete is a man-made element. But recently, designers have shifted gears and begun to incorporate concrete in their designs, and they do not limit themselves solely to concrete flooring.   There is a wide variety of great concrete elements on the market today, such as concrete end tables, concrete walls, and even polished concrete countertops.  With new textured concretes available, adding concrete to your Rustic Design can help spruce up your space as well as keep the room feeling balanced and well grounded. 

Vinyl Planking 

Hardwood floors are a beautiful home remedy; however, not all spaces are tailored for all hardwoods.  Luxury Vinyl Planking has come a long way in engineering and designs.  Luxury Vinyl Planking can mimic many natural kinds of wood while coming with many added benefits. Vinyl Planking can come as a floating floor and be installed over virtually any surface, most on the market today come with a durable surface, and waterproof Luxury Vinyl Planking has overtaken the market.  Investing in Luxury Vinyl Planking in your home is a phenomenal home investment which can look great and hold up to wear and daily traffic. 

Rustic design flourishes off natural elements while also being amplified with some of these “unnatural” tricks.  Have your atmosphere feeling robust and lively by adding some of these man-made elements into your design.  Be creative and find balance when creating your space.


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