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What is Maximalism Interior Design?

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

You have probably heard of the term minimalism, or less is more. This has been a trending style over the last couple of years. While it will never fade because of its functionality and style, it created a new style along with it. With minimalism, the design of maximalism was born. This style took longer to develop correctly, but now is being used in homes and stores today. Maximalism utilizes every inch of square space to be expressive. It does not focus on “less is more” but allows everything to shine. This eclectic design still has strict guidelines to make sure it is executed correctly. Here is everything you need to know about incorporating maximalism into your home:

It Is Okay to Be Busy

Stop saying less is more. Designing a space is your chance to express yourself and make a statement. Be bold and put unexpected patterns and unique combinations together. From high-designed wallpaper to custom area rugs, this style feels busy, yet throughout all the elements, it still feels balanced. Most designs find a focal point to reflect or give homage. In this design style, however, every elegant pattern, unique throw pillow, colorful curtains, and extraordinary piece of wall art can stand alone. The focus of this design is every piece should be focused on individually. Do not match furniture but allow each piece to feel unique and special to the atmosphere. Remember, just because everything can stand alone, it still needs to feel cohesive to the environment.

High Level of Detail

Maximalist Design does not mean a cluttered, eclectic mess. Instead of a single picture, incorporate a gallery wall. In its place of a monotoned carpet, invest in a highly charismatic rug with high, intricate levels of designs. Think abundance of textures in the atmosphere. You can have giant pillows, textured walls, throw blankets and pillows. Allow your décor the opportunity to enhance the space, not be shadowed by the theme.

Very Open Color Palette

Unlike minimalism, maximalism design has a very accepting color palette. You can use warm tones and cool tones. You can use neon or pastel hues. You can also have the occasional black and white in the room to create a hard contrast. Colors are highly influential in the environment. All your colors to create your space!

Maximalist is a highly trending design. It is incredibly expressive and can feel glamorous and classy while incorporating high levels of design. While this design can be challenging to perfect, it is beautiful when done correctly. Let your home be an expressive outlet of your personal styles and taste to best express yourself. For more insight on some of the most trending interior design styles, make sure to subscribe, and let us know below what your favorite interior design style is!


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