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Environmental Influences on Your Design

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

Interior Design is a creative way to express yourself while tailoring your home to your specific needs.  Creating a theme will help set perimeters and guidelines of what to include in your home.  There are thousands of design themes to choose; however, not all design work in all types of atmospheres.  But of course, with the right budget, you can make anything work. That being said, if certain limiting factors are preventing you from styling your home after your favorite design theme, you may want to look at these key factors to help you make your design theme decision:


So, you move to a new home and are super excited to create your space!  You have always loved the look of Industrial designed studios.  The bricks adding character, the exposed ductwork, and the raw concrete floors all speak to you!  However, you just moved into a Traditional architecturally styled home.  You have hardwood floors, beautiful trim, and ornate window frames.  While the conversion is always possible, it may not be worth the leg work. 

Your first step of choosing your design is deciding what complements your existing blueprint.  If you can have your architecture complement your design, you will have a fully developed theme that really enhances the environment!


Speaking of environment, your next step is where your home is located–this is not a limiting factor yet can make a world of difference when considered correctly.  Your atmosphere can be directly correlated to your design.  When living in the city, Rustic Design may not complement your space the best.  Likewise, living in a country, you may not want to use an Urban themed design.  Letting the exterior and interior work together can make a well-rounded theme that seems deliberate and focused.

Existing Furniture

Existing furniture is not the end-all decision maker, but truly something to consider when moving.  If you have pre-existing furniture, you may want to determine what theme they already reflect.  Decide what needs to be replaced or what will be staying for the long run.  Creating your design around the furniture you already have acquired can save you time and money.

Paying attention to your pre-determined factors can help you create a well-balanced design.  If your architecture does not agree with your design, it can feel forced whereas a well-created design flows best with the atmosphere.  From interior to exterior, your home should feel like it complements itself throughout its entirety.  If you are struggling, just remember the three concepts mentioned above and go from there.