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How to Pick a Color You Will Love Forever

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While many homeowners are attracted to bold and bright hues, many people are determined to select a shade that they can live with seeing on their walls every day. Let’s be real, a stunning color may look stunning in a magazine, but it might not be a color that you can stand waking up to every morning. So, how do you find a balance between choosing a palette that is livable and something that is exciting? To help, we have four must-know tips that we want to share with you. Let’s take a look!

Never Buy Paint on The Spot

You may be tempted to purchase a paint color because it looks good in the store, but you should never buy paint on the spot. When you begin the process of putting together a palette for your home, you should start with a wide range of options.  Do not worry about picking out the best color; instead, you should go with the intention of seeing what your options are.  Pull a ton of swatches so that you can study them and make an informed decision later. 

Bring a Swatch

When visiting a paint store, you should not go in empty-handed. Bring a white or black piece of paper so that you can see what your swatch looks like in contrast against other colors. In the store, a color can look different; however, when you bring your samples to compare it against black and white, you can get an idea of what the color may look like in your home.

Experimenting with Swatches

Now that you have gotten some paint swatches to play with, you can test with them in your home so you can decide what works for you. You can expect hues to look different in real life light and at different times of the day. Tape the paint chips or swatches against the wall and analyze them in various light settings.

Take Your Time

Be sure to take your time. Most people hate to repaint their walls just because the shade was not right for them; therefore, you should really sit with a color before you make the final decision to apply it.

We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful. For more expert advice, visit us at Carpets N More.


Must-Know Interior Design Secrets

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Would not it be nice to know all of the secrets of Interior Designers? Knowing secret little tips from experts can help you completely transform your space. To help you put your best “home” forward, we created a guide filled with some of our favorite, best-kept secrets. Let’s take a look! 

Wallpaper is Wonderful 

Adding wallpaper to your room’s design helps add a pop of color and visual interest. If you choose a grass cloth, which is a classic option, it can be the perfect way to add texture to the room. This little secret does more than just cover an eyesore, it also adds additional flair to your room’s design.

Decorate The Ceiling 

Now, this secret is one that we just adore! You can add elegance to a room by decorating the ceiling. Simply, paint your ceiling a coordinating color to embrace the room’s design. It is a simple way to add detail without breaking the bank. 

No Need for a Sofa 

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have a sofa in a living room. You can create a cozy conversation area in your living room by incorporating comfy barrel chairs with ottomans or even scaling it down by placing two loveseats facing each other. Another benefit of having smaller scaled furniture in the room is to easily move and redesign the room according to the event you are hosting. 

Find Seating for Less

If you already have a dining table, think about purchasing mismatched dining room chairs at a thrift shop or a second-hand store. You can also take advantage of furniture stores sales, and some businesses will put one or two mismatched items on clearance sale. You just need to make sure the style and design of the chairs blend together. Also, think about placing a new or old bench on one side of the table to add diversity. 

Which interior design secret was your favorite? We would love to hear below in the comment section. 


Creative Ways to Add Style to Your Home

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Are you looking for the Pinterest-perfect way to transform your home this spring? With our top ten tips, you can instantly change the way your home looks without spending loads of cash and here is how!

Creative Ways to Add Style to Your Home:

1. A Metallic Touch.

Metals are a fantastic decor piece that adds detail and finishes an entire room. The best part about incorporating metals is that you do not have to choose just one. Recently, interior designers have begun encouraging homeowners to mix metals in their room’s design. We love the outcome so much that we insist you try it in your own home!

2. Pastels, Please.

Pastels have begun to rule the design game, especially during the warmer months. They blend well with neutrals and create a refreshing, youthful vibe in any room.

3. Reclaimed Wood.

If you are thinking of creating a DIY headboard or wall, you must try reclaimed wood. Recently, reclaimed wood has been all the rage because of its rustic and authentic look. If you have the chance, be sure to incorporate a few reclaimed wood pieces into your home’s design.

4. Mason Jar Storage.

You may be wondering, are mason jars still a thing? The answer: most definitely! Mason jars are incredibly chic and provide a wonderful amount of storage for small items. You can incorporate them into your kitchen for a decorative storage display.

5. Chalked Up.

Chalkboard walls were an early 2000’s trend, but they have come back around for a good reason. They allow the homeowner to express their creativity. If drawing is a stress reliever for you, you may want to consider adding a chalkboard wall in your home. It can even be an excellent idea for parents that need a distraction for their children.

6. Tray Chic.

Trays are the perfect decor piece that is as functional as it is stylish. Trays can help organize a countertop and create the perfect collection of items. They work well in bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens! When life feels a little messy, try organizing it with a chic tray.

7. So Retro.

Antique shops are the perfect place to find retro items to use throughout your home. You can find a wide selection of timeless pieces that are one-of-a-kind.

8. Color Me New.

One of the best ways to recreate your space on a budget is changing up the paint color. Whether it is your walls or furniture, the color of your paint can completely transform the look of a room. If you are looking for a fresh start, begin exploring colors that you have never used before and try working them into your design. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

9. Embrace Textures.

Textures are a great way to create contrast in a space. You can add textures through materials or fabrics. We recommend trying to add at least one textured material (i.e. brick, wood, stone) and one textured fabric to each room.

10. Add Drama.

A little bit of drama never hurt anyone, right? That is what your lighting is saying at least. Try adding drama and depth to your space with an incredible light fixture. You want to find something that lights up the space effectively but also is stunning.

Are your floors out-dated? Let us help you revamp your home with brand new flooring. Stop in today or visit our online showroom to view our selection.


Six Ways to Use Your Spare Bedroom

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Whether you have moved into a new place, cleared out a spare room, or had a child move out, you are left with an empty room. What are you going to do with that extra space? Any ideas? If not, we have six easy suggestions for ways you can utilize that spare bedroom of yours. Let’s take a look! 

Six Ways to Use Your Spare Room:

  1. Guest Bedroom. You could keep the bedroom doing what it does best, being a bedroom. This way you always have a place for friends and family to stay! Guest Bedrooms are typically easy to maintain, but may not get a whole lot of use.
  2. Movie & Game Room. Need a break from the everyday norms? Create a movie and game room for you and your family members to enjoy! Having a movie/game room can be an exciting hobby. You can find new movies and games to buy and always be working on ways to improve it. Just do not forget about the recliner chairs!
  3. (Wo)Man Cave. Whether it is for you or your spouse, a special getaway zone could be just what you need in your spare bedroom. You can equip it with a minibar, popcorn machine, wine cooler, and recliner chairs to capture the full effect. Make this room everything that you wish your living room could be but better!
  4. Office. A home office is always a good idea! It encourages maximum workflow and productivity. You can sort through your bills, make online purchases and organize all of your paperwork in your home office. All you will need is a desk and a computer to transform your space room into a home office!
  5. Gym. We always say “this year, I am going to get in shape.” Inspire yourself to workout more often by making your spare room, a gym. It is important to note that heavyweight machines should not be put on second-floor levels; therefore, you may want to stick to a couple of dumbbells and some yoga mats.
  6. Playroom. Do not forget about the littles and their playtime! The spare bedroom can be the perfect place for a playgroup. Add a couple of puzzles, games and books and the bedroom is instantly a kid’s zone.

The best part is that any of these ideas can be combined! You could make half the room a guest bedroom and the other half an office. Combine to add more uses to the space and save room in other parts of your home.


Six Ways to Maximize The Space in a Small Room

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Sometimes we do not choose the small room life, but the small room life chooses us. Whether you have moved into an older home or you recently downsized, you are faced with the struggles of owning a small room. Small rooms are an annoyance if anything. They provide limited storage, use, and even mobility. While designing your small room, you have become downright frustrated. Decorating a tiny space can be difficult and timely. To help decrease your frustration, we have created six tips for you to use while designing. These tips will help you embrace your small space and ultimately create the room of your dreams. Let’s take a look!

Six Ways to Maximize The Space in a Small Room:

Tip #1: Focus Attention.
In small rooms, we want to draw attention to a focal point rather than the size of the room. In order to refocus the attention, we need to decide what part of the room will be our focal point. What part of your room do you want to stand out the most? For instance, in bedrooms, the focal point of the room typically becomes the bed. Depending on what room you are working with, you will want to decide where you want your focal point to be. Once you have chosen, you want to make this part the most elaborate, well-thought-out portion of the entire room. Spend time designing this section of the room to the best of your ability. Read blogs and do vast research before you begin buying. If you follow this simple tip, you can instantly redirect focus from your room’s size to the focal point’s design.

Tip #2: Less is More.
In tiny spaces, less is always more. While finding decor and furniture, keep in mind that the less you buy, the more room will you have. Try to downsize on the amount of furniture you have, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Tip #3: Keep Storage Options Open.
While searching for furniture, keep in mind that storage will be your best friend. While the room may be limited on built-in storage, you can compensate with storage-friendly furnishings. Try to find dual-purpose furniture that can give you more space and more use.

Tip #4: Embrace It.
You will not be able to change the size of your room without extreme renovations; therefore, your best bet is to embrace it. Embrace your small space by working hard to improve its design and function. Every homeowner will come across a small room in their life, and it is how you deal with it that will determine the outcome.

Tip #5: Shine Bright.
Natural lighting is the key to success in tiny spaces. Open up your curtains and buy sheer drapery to help the light flow throughout your room.

Tip #6: Rise Up.
Your room may feel small at the moment, but purchasing long curtains can transform your room’s dimensions. You want your curtains to measure two inches above your window and let the curtains reach to the floor. This simple trick can instantly change your room!

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks. Let us know what you think in the comment section! We look forward to hearing your feedback.


With the seasons changing, your home may become a little more cold than usual. Or perhaps, your home has always been on the cold side. No matter what your circumstance may be, you are cold and do not like it. To help you fight back against the chill, we have created five genius ways to use decor to add warmth to your home. Let’s take a look! 

Décor Ideas for a Cold Home:

1.  Work with Warm Tones.

The colors used within your space can actually make the room feel colder. Be sure to use a warm tone color palette within your space to help create a more comforting and cozy environment. Warm tones consist of colors like tans, browns, beiges, reds, burgundies, oranges, rusts, yellows, and olive-greens. Their warm nature will help add comfort and coziness to a chilly space.

2.   Add Comfort.

If your floors are cold to the touch, it can be imperative to begin the warming process with proper textiles and insulation. Layers can create the perfect “warming” effect that you desire. Plus, they help to add a stylish touch to the space. Be sure to add plush pillows, soft blankets, and cozy rugs for add softness and warmth.

3.  Genius Hacks.

If you know that insulation is specifically a problem in your home, you may find it helpful to hang wall tapestries. While being extremely stylish additions, they can help warm up your space and add a layer of heat. Plus, they are easy to remove which makes switching up your décor easy than ever.

4.  Focus on Windows.

Windows can, in fact, be a significant source of cold drafts. If you are looking for a stylish way to warm up your windows, you can purchase heavy curtains for your windows. The heavy curtains will help to reduce the chill caused by drafts and keep your room feeling warm and toasty.

5.  Your Getaway.

Our last and final tip for cold homes is to create a cozy, comfortable bed. With a bed that oozes warmth, you will be excited to jump into it after a long day. To help add warmth, we recommend adding extra blankets, pillows, and sheets. Plus, you can even add a heated blanket for chilly nights. Just be sure to shut it off when you are not with it.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! Let us know how you stay warm in the comment section


Reasons to Choose a Cool-Tone Color Palette

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Colors relate to emotions. The color scheme that you choose for your home will help set the overall tone. While a warm-tone color palette has its benefits, cool-tone colors can make your space feel more calm, refreshed, and tranquil. Cooler hues will help you to relax and unwind at the end of the day by embodying the colors found throughout nature. If you need more reasons to make the leap into a cool-toned color palette, we have created five for you. Let’s take a look!

Reasons to Choose a Cool-Toned Color Palette:

1. Light Colors Reflect Light.

When decorating, you want your room to be 30%-50% the lightest color in your color scheme and the rest of the 50%-70% will be made up by your medium and dark shades. The reason why we love a cool-toned color scheme is that it helps project positive emotions and light. If you choose a light blue for your small bathroom, the room’s natural light will help to instantly open up the space. That being said, cool-toned color palettes tend to work best in rooms that project a lot of natural light.

2. Tranquility.

Like we mentioned before, cool-tone colors have positives emotions associated with them. With a cool-toned color scheme, you can expect a more calming, relaxing oasis. If you are searching for the perfect calming shade, visit your local paint store to view all of your color options. You may be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection and variations. 

3. White, Black, & Gray.

A great part of the cool-tone color scheme is that black, white, and gray are included. These three neutrals are some of the easiest colors for homeowners to use. From accent pieces to floors, you can easily work in these staple colors to your design. 

4. Personalized.

When deciding on your hues, shades, and values, you want to be sure that you match it with your personality. If you want a bold and energizing room, you could go for a bright green. But if you are looking for a more calming, subtle room, you will want to opt for a lighter, more neutralized cool-toned color. Just be sure that you always focus the color scheme on your personality and the tone you want to set for the room.

5. Perfect Symmetry.

With a cool-toned color scheme, you do not have to worry about your floors and furnishings. The cool-tones that we find in nature balance out the warm colored woods found in your furniture and floors.

Are you interested in taking on the challenge of a cool-toned color palette? We would love to help! Contact us or visit us for more information.


Expert Tips for Decorating Your Dining Room

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Are you looking to gain a little design inspiration for your dining room? Look no further. With our top six tips, you can now decorate your dining room like the professionals. Let’s get started!

Expert Tips for Decorating Your Dining Room:

1. Off The Wall.

Traditionally, you will find that a dining room table is in the center of the room. Recently, homeowners have begun to move their dining room table out of the center of the room. They have transitioned the table onto the wall of the room to create a more intimate experience. If you are looking to switch up the decor in your dining room, you may want to try this free hack.

2. A Slash of Color.

Color can completely change any room. In dining rooms, homeowners may find it difficult to decorate with very little space. Color, of course, is the ultimate decor piece. With an attractive paint color, you will not have to worry about adding more decor to the room.

3. Center Spotlight.

The lighting in your dining room can take center stage. With an extravagant light fixture, you can completely transform your space. Plus, with an amazing light fixture, you do not have to over-compensate the space with extra decor. The light fixture becomes a staple of your dining room without needing extra pieces to fill the room.

4. Mix + Match.

A while back, we were warned about mixing and matching patterns/furniture pieces. What was once frowned upon is now all the rage. Designers love to mix and match fabrics and furniture throughout dining rooms. This concept will help add more interest to your space.

5. All Natural.

Bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoors with fresh flowers and plants. The simplicity of a plant makes it the perfect complementary decor piece in any dining room.

6. Add Warmth.

Homeowners tend to think that warm-toned rooms feel more inviting and comfortable. With dining rooms being a place that you host guests, having a warm-toned dining room may be a perfect choice. To help create a cozy oasis, try incorporating colors like beige, brown, tan, red, and orange.

Have you had a chance to explore our online showroom? If not, be sure to check it out at Carpets N More. You may find some flooring options to inspire your dining room’s new look. Be sure to contact us with any questions.


Tile Goes Beyond Your Floors

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Tile is a beautiful statement that provides a clean, fresh look to any room. Maybe you have realized that in recent years, tile has become a trend for walls. Homeowners can incorporate this classic style in their kitchens, bathrooms, and even bedrooms.

Let your imagination go beyond the traditional tile work and envision yourself in a bold, trendy home. Tile can bring a room to life with its decorative patterns and beauty. Let us show you how you can turn your room from blah to ta-dah:

1. Patterns Please.

Bold patterns are all the rage right now. Think about the designs that wallpaper provides but in tile form. You can create a statement wall or complete an entire room with decorative tiles. If you are nervous, try using pattern tiles in smaller rooms like the laundry room or bathroom. 

2. Mix it up.

Mixing and matching tile styles has become a recent trend for bathrooms. You want to make sure that the styles complement one another, but that being said, there are endless options available to customers. 

3. Make a Splash.

Adding backsplash to your kitchen can help complete the overall look. Backsplash helps prevent water and grease damage from getting on your drywall, as well as being easy to clean. Backsplash can transform your space by adding depth and decor to the space. 

4. Color Me Intrigued.

Colorful tile can make a bold statement in any home. A lot of southern homes incorporate colorful tiles to reflect the natural landscapes that you can find outdoors. For example, Floridians love to incorporate bold and light shades of blues to embody the presence of the ocean.

5. Create with Culture.

Tile is a popular form of artwork in many countries. If you are traveling abroad, consider bringing home some pieces of tile artwork to be surrounded by field tile. This way your home always carries a part of your trip and allows you to share stories and memories with guests.

If you are looking to purchase tile for your home, we are eager to help you. We have experts ready to help guide you through your home renovation. Please call us or visit us with any questions.


Budget-Friendly & Brilliant Wall Decor Ideas

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When designing your space, consider your room an empty box. You have a top, a bottom, and four surrounding walls. You can change the “bottom” of your space by investing in different flooring options, and you can also invest in the “top” of your space painting it or adding different light fixtures. But this still leaves you with four more walls to add your personal touch. Adding paint is a quick way to transform a room’s entire feel an ambiance; however, wall décor is your opportunity to enhance your space and improve the room’s overall aesthetics. We put together three budget-friendly wall décor investments that can help transform your space into a tastefully designed masterpiece.


Adding pictures or wall art is a phenomenal opportunity to incorporate your style of design and taste. If your room has a theme or style, let your picture become a focal point to help enhance the room’s overall aesthetics. Decide the type of art you are looking to use in your space. You may want to invest in some pictures first to use as your guideline when creating a theme or you can search for wall art that compliments your already existing design. Photos can take a blank canvas wall and turn it into an intriguing spectacle in your room.


One of the most underutilized tools in design are mirrors. Mirrors help a room feel larger by creating the illusion of eliminating a wall. They also help light travel through a room by reflecting it and make a room brighter and full of energy. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect one for your home should be easy. Investing in a mirror is a great way to amp up your walls and help a room’s overall appeal.


Do not limit lighting to just your ceiling or lamps. Wall lighting options are great to help create ambiance throughout the room. Using wall sconces or rail lighting is one way of adding more lighting to your room. If you have pictures, you can showcase them by hanging spotlights above or below them. Lights are great ways to showcase or help provide extra illumination for tasks.
Sprucing up your walls in your home is important to keep a room feeling lively and not so bland. Just like décor, your walls give you an opportunity to express yourself and amplify your space’s design. Facilitating your walls with lighting, mirrors, and pictures will help make your home feel more aesthetic and fresher.