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The Four Seasons of Decorating: Winter

In the cold weather, a warm winter room makes the season more inviting and enjoyable. After a day of cold and snow, you can escape to a room that makes the best of winter.

With a winter space, think warmth and coziness. The perfect flooring for winter is rich, deep carpeting. Sink your feet in their thick socks into a cushioned plush or an attractive sculptured carpet. Whatever your preference, soft flooring takes the sting out of the coldest months.

You can take a chance with dark colors in your winter room. Consider a rich brown for the walls, accented with creams and ivories in your fabrics. Remember texture – just like every snowflake, mix a variety of textures as well as patterns to create your winter room. For window coverings, how about velvet curtains? Reaching from the ceiling to the floor, their warmth will complement your winter space.

If you have a fireplace, make it the focal point. Angle your furniture so that everyone can sit and watch the fire on long winter evenings. Don’t forget lighting. With early sunsets, a few lamps tucked into the corners of rooms, or a bevy of candles for special occasions, makes a winter room extra cozy.

Holiday accents make great accessories, and don’t forget a few soft throws to wrap around you on chilly nights. Now, light your candles and get settled in that deep armchair. Your winter room adds warmth to the season.

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The Four Seasons of Decorating: Fall

What do you love about fall? Is it the cooler days? The rich colors of fall leaves? The sense of harvest, of completion of the summer’s efforts? Or maybe you’re just glad to get the kids back into school! Make a room feel like fall all year round with your decorating decisions.

Start with the flooring. The best choice to invoke fall is wood. A rich deep pecan or the brown-red of cherry brings the season right into the room. Echo the dark tones in your furniture, or bring in a rich gold to reflect against the shine off the floor. Metals such as bronze and antique brass bring the glow of the season into the space.

Colors are easy – just step outside at the height of the season and look up. Every fall leaf gives you color options. You can take the light gold of aspens or birches and match that with the rich reds of maples or the soft browns of oaks. They’ll all work together. Curtains in fall colors would look lovely, or consider wood blinds in tones to complement the floor. Bring the forest inside.

Accessories can be found in your grocery store. How about gourds, Indian corn and pumpkins? Cut branches of fall leaves and mix with big chrysanthemums or sunflowers. Gather acorns and buckeyes and pile them into turned-wood bowls. Let every corner remind you of the season.

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