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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Welcoming Guests

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When you are having guests over but space is limited there isn’t much else you can do but offer what space you do have for their stay. That doesn’t mean their stay has to be uncomfortable or cramped! When having houseguests over these small gestures and deeds go a long way to making the home you’ve opened up to them feel like theirs.


Before you invite guests over, look at the room through their eyes.  Is the room warm and welcoming?  Is there adequate lighting?  Does the space feel updated and clean?  Adjust the room until you are happy.  Make sure the room is aired out, add a lamp or two (or change the lightbulbs if they are burned out!), give the room a deep clean, have a professional clean the carpet.  If the carpet is dingy or outdated, have this replaced.  


Do you have proper bedding and pillows? Have you ever invested in an air mattress from the last time you went camping? Be sure to buy one if you haven’t already, they are worth it for the comfort of your guests and can be reused in a myriad of ways. Find bedding that is comfortable for the temperature you keep your home and for the time of the season. And finally, be sure to provide pillows for your guests. And no, not just the throw pillows from your couch! 


Next, think to the small comforts you enjoy in your bedroom. These are things that will help your guest feel both welcome, and at home. Using your couch or a love seat as the head of the bed will allow your guest to lean comfortably against it while they read a book or magazine you left out for them in case they enjoy a night time read before turning in for the night.


And finally, be sure to think of the things they might have forgotten. You know, those things you usually get at the hotel when you panic and realize you’ve left your hair dryer or shampoo at home? Put together a toiletry basket, complete with shampoo and conditioner, body wash, a razor, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and a toothbrush, and anything else you can think of that might be useful to your guest that they may have forgotten.


These small but thoughtful ways to prepare your guest for their stay in your home are sure to put them at ease and make them feel more welcome. One final thing that nobody can live without—don’t forget to leave out the wifi username and password!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Take the Lifestyle Quiz

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Have you ever wondered which type of floor is the best for the life you lead?  Should you choose carpet?  Or would hardwood work better in your home?  Are there situations where laminate would be better than natural stone?  How can you decide?

We have you covered!  On our website, we offer a powerful online tool that will help everyone with these choices. This tools shows how to match lifestyle needs with interior selections, finishes, requirements and much more. Once the quiz is completed you will see helpful suggestions to help you achieve a balanced home that fits right into your life style.

The quiz asks relevant questions regarding your lifestyle. It takes into account the daily activities and interests in your life. It also asks questions regarding to the people who live in the household and encompasses everyone’s needs. Asking the right questions about who lives in the home and what they do in turn offers suggestions about what types of materials will work best in the home. The suggestions cover floor type, lighting and added space needs.

The quiz determines your needs and helps you create a plan. Whether the plan is to turn a spare room into an office, arts and crafts area or a home gym, this tool gives you a starting point and a direction to go. The suggestions offer answers to existing questions and may cover aspects that you may not have thought about yet!

A home should be a reflection of the family or individual, as well as providing for the needs of the family and pets that live there. The information in this online tool goes beyond making finish selections for you. It gives options and explains each. A home should work with its inhabitants and make everyone comfortable, from extended family to guests and pets!

The quiz lets you know what materials to utilize, how to use them and even suggestions for your lifestyle.

Find out today what your home needs to help create the optimal interior environment!  Try the Lifestyle Quiz today! 


Floor Options – Natural Choices

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Educating yourself about the various options available for floors in your home might seem like a daunting task. There are so many awesome ways to create the perfect floor to coordinate with the overall design of a room or entire home. A smart way to go about it is to first learn the basic considerations of each type. Natural floor options have some excellent and unique qualities that might make them more appealing than synthetic possibilities. Use this guide to begin your research process. When you’ve narrowed it down to a few favorites, visit with Carpets N More to learn more about each of them.


Bamboo is a natural floor option that is created by overlaying bamboo reeds atop subflooring. It is highly durable and easy to install. It also happens to be hypoallergenic, which is a huge bonus if this is an important consideration in your home. It’s also easy to clean.


Hardwood is milled from a single piece of timber, making it especially durable. It is also a great long term investment because being able to sand and refinish it ensures that it will have a lengthy term of use in a home. While this is a great benefit, it won’t be necessary often because it’s wear resistant. It also happens to be rather easy to clean.


Stone flooring is comprised of natural rock (in various types) that has been quarried and cut for home use. It could be argued that stone is perhaps the most durable of all floor options so it is ideal in areas that will experience very high traffic and utility.  One of its unique benefits is that it tends to actually look better with the passing of time, which makes it a great material for homes that want a design that’s timeless.


Cork is made from bark of cork oak. It’s exceptionally sustainable and durable. It actually “springs back” from wear and tear, and it’s very eco-friendly. It’s resistant to mildew as well as stains. If it’s important for it to be durable and water resistant, there are finishing options that will help protect it.


Granny Smith Apple Tuna Salad Wraps

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Tuna salad is delicious but can be unhealthy when too many additions are made. But it doesn’t have to be! This is a healthy version of tuna salad that you can indulge in and either prepare in a wrap, on crackers or as a sandwich.

What You Will Need:

5 Oz. Tuna in water

1 Granny Smith Apple

½ Cup Olive Oil based Mayonnaise

2 Tbsp. Yellow Mustard

Salt and Cracked Black Pepper (to taste)

Choice of Large flour tortilla wraps

Romaine Lettuce


Drain the water out of the tuna. Place into a large mixing bowl. Dice or cube the Granny Smith apple into small pieces. Add diced apple, mayo and mustard to the mixing bowl. Mix all contents together with a large spoon or fork. Then add salt and pepper to taste. I prefer 1 Tsp. salt and 1 Tsp. cracked black pepper.

Layout wrap and line it with one leaf of romaine lettuce. Spoon in the tuna salad and wrap the tortilla like a burrito. Feel free to add shredded cheddar cheese for extra flavor (if you do not mind the extra calories) or grapes for a guilt-free boost in flavor! 


Cork Floors

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These days it seems as if everyone is trying to do their part to be more environmentally conscious. There are things you can do when considering flooring for your own home that help not only the environment but can also make your home more energy efficient. With cork flooring you won’t have to give up style to achieve these results and below we will go through all of the benefits cork flooring would provide you.


One of the eco-friendlier options for flooring is cork. It is actually what is known as a harvested resource and therefore doesn’t necessitate the cutting down of trees. Instead it is harvested from the bark of the tree and there are strict laws around how this process is handled so that the trees are protected. Throughout this process the tree is not destroyed or damaged meaning that the environmental impact is very minimal.


In addition to being helpful to the environment, there are other benefits to cork flooring that might surprise you. Cork has sound control properties – it absorbs noise produced by footfalls and noise. It is also fire-resistant, meaning it requires a very high temperature before ignition and emits less toxins and smoke once ignited. Cork is a healthier option for you and your family—it is mold and mildew resistant and even works well against termites and microbes.


You might also be interested to learn that cork flooring is incredibly durable. It is resistant to cracking and surface damage because of its ability to bounce back from pressure. This also means that when properly maintained cork flooring can be incredibly durable and last up to 40 years.


There are many reasons to choose cork flooring and you might think that style isn’t one of them. But when you look closer you will find that cork flooring is incredibly versatile and you can achieve almost any look with it. You can have a natural look or you can have the cork colored for a tiled or patterned look. But you don’t have to give up style for economy.


Cork flooring offers real environmental and practical benefits along with versatility when it comes to design opportunities. When considering your options, cork is not one to be overlooked!


To learn more head to our site to see the benefits cork flooring may have for your home.


The At-A-Glance Guide to Home Flooring Options

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If you’re in the early phases of remodeling or building a home, the endless options on your mind can be quite overwhelming. In hopes of making those first steps a little easier we’ve created a simple, basic guide to the different types of flooring. Use it to select a few that initially appeal to you and then visit with us to further explore the options.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Squares crafted of porcelain or ceramic and glazed. These have been used for centuries because they are easy to clean, hygienic, and durable. This functionality combined with how aesthetically pleasing they are has made them immensely popular. Especially in bathrooms and kitchens.


Available in both natural and synthetic varieties, this reliable flooring option can be made of wool, polyester, nylon, or polypropylene. Carpet is available in thousands of colors and patterns so those who like options will appreciate it versatility. It’s best suited to dry environments.

Engineered Wood

This product employs a veneer of hardwood over top of layers of wood underneath. It is also known as composite wood. It is often pre-laminated. Finishing techniques include either processed or machined.


A flooring derivative made of bark from the cork oak.  It’s exceptionally sustainable and therefore a very popular choice among environmentally minded home owners. It’s also ideal for rooms where a natural, earthy vibe is desired.


Vinyl is a polymer flooring option that is 100% synthetic. It includes pigmentation and it is thus available in many colors. It’s also non-porous and flexible which makes it ideal for tricky rooms that aren’t well suited to less flexible and higher maintenance options.


Stone flooring makes use of various types of natural rock. It is initially carved out of a quarry and then sized and cut for use as flooring. Well loved stones include marble, slate, limestone, and granite. Quartz has recently risen in popularity as well.   


Application involves installing bamboo reeds over sub-flooring. Bamboo is exceptionally durable and it is a great natural option if you are avoiding synthetics in your home design. It’s very renewable and eco-friendly as well.


Hardwood is a flooring option that is milled from a single piece of timber. It’s very durable. It tends to always be in demand because it’s a valuable flooring upgrade that instantly raises the bar in terms of style and luxury. Common types of hardwood for floors include oak, maple, hickory, and walnut.


Bamboo Flooring

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The trends for flooring in 2015 are exciting and fresh, boasting surprising materials and new takes on old ones. It can be hard to determine if a new trend is right for your house when you don’t know much about the material like one of this years biggest trends—bamboo. Here we will go over the pros and potential cons of this exciting flooring material.


As we mentioned before, bamboo is a trend that is quickly on the rise. It might surprise you to learn that bamboo is very hard, even harder than most other hardwood floors. Bamboo gives your room a look similar to traditional hardwood flooring, however it does have a distinct appearance that can add a modern look to any room. Generally it comes in wider planks, and you can find it in various shades.


One strong argument for bamboo flooring is that it is a natural and renewable material. While it can take the trees used for hardwood floors 20 years or more until they can be harvested, bamboo is mature enough to be harvested in only 5 years. This faster growth means that the harvesting and use of bamboo as flooring does not deplete the bamboo population with the same effect that it has with hardwood. Don’t worry about pandas going hungry, either!  Bamboo grown for floors is not edible by our fuzzy friends.


There are some considerations when deciding if bamboo floors are right for your space. Bamboo is best installed in areas that tend to be dry rather than humid. Avoid bathrooms and kitchens and instead use bamboo in areas such as your bedroom or living room where there is no threat of humidity. This will ensure that the planks do not expand. 


Finally, cleaning bamboo flooring is convenient and incredibly easy. Make sure that you keep it well swept with a dry mop or broom. No harsh or special cleaning treatments are necessary. If you really need to clean more deeply, you only need to use warm water and a mild soap to mop the floor. Wring the mop thoroughly so no excess moisture is left behind.


Bamboo is a great option when considering what type of floor you want for your home. There are many pros and with an informed decision you will be able to find the floor that is right for you. If you have any questions, check out our bamboo information page or stop by one of our stores!


Popcorn as a Healthy Snack

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Looking for the perfect snack that is healthy, simple and has plenty of available toppings?  Popcorn clearly wins in each of these categories!   Popcorn is versatile, full of fiber and very low in fat (at least when it’s not doused with butter and salt). Skip the “Movie Theater Butter” and get creative when flavoring plain popcorn! Rather than butter, use a healthy oil substitute such as vegetable or coconut – this will help your choice of toppings to stick to the fluffy kernels.

Are you in the mood for sweet or savory? If you are craving sweet, mix together a dash of cinnamon to a teaspoon of natural sugar. Sprinkle the mix over top of popcorn in a large bowl, then toss. Continue to add the mixture and toss the popcorn. This will ensure that all of the kernels get an even coating of flavor. Natural vanilla extract can be used as well. If you must use butter, pair a small amount of melted butter with a couple drops of vanilla extract and pour the mix over popcorn and continue to toss the kernels to evenly distribute the flavor.

If you are craving savory then garlic parmesan may be the way to go. Sprinkle your popcorn with garlic seasoning.  Next sprinkle parmesan cheese (the kind you put on top of pizza) onto your popcorn. This snack is delicious and can really help with savory cravings. Another option is to sprinkle popcorn salt (ground finer than table salt) and nutritional yeast (this can be found at a health food store and has the added benefit of containing protein and B12!)

For spicy food lovers, turn to spicy flavored popcorn! You can add spice to popcorn by using ground red pepper, spicy paprika seasoning or ground black pepper and a dash of salt. For a powerful punch, pair chili powder with paprika. For a zingy flavor mix a tablespoon of vegetable oil with several drops of lime juice and carefully drizzle over popcorn.

Get creative and think outside of the box. Search your pantry and spice racks for healthier options to flavor popcorn with. If you like a certain flavor, most likely you will enjoy it on your healthy plain popcorn snack!