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20 Design Hacks For Your Vintage Bathroom

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If you’re in the midst of designing a vintage inspired bathroom you might have recently found yourself short on creative ideas. Typically the easy part of the project is the larger design elements. Fixtures can be figured out by way of the Internet.  Flooring can be designed by visiting one of our locations and talking with our consultants.

But when you get to down to the details it’s sometimes tough to reimagine ways to use things that will look good in bathroom inspired by design from a century ago. Fret not! Here are 20 snazzy ideas for ways to decorate and store common bathroom items!

  1. Old, wooden step stool with 2-3 steps used as a towel rack.
  2. Old, wooden crates to hold magazines.
  3. Vintage wall mirrors hung over the sink.
  4. Small drawers removed from an old wooden desk to store toiletries.
  5. Old-school hard sided suitcase for extra toilet paper and bathroom sundries.
  6. Crystal knobs mounted on the wall to hang towels and clothes.
  7. Chalkboard.
  8. Baskets hung on the wall facing outward, like shelves.
  9. Glass jars with tin lids for Q-tips, cotton balls, etc.
  10. Tin pail to hold a plant or flower arrangement.
  11. Antique laundry washboard hung on the wall as décor.
  12. Bath products with vintage, apothecary style labeling.
  13. Apothecary cabinet for storing and neatly organizing toiletries.
  14. Antique hand held mirror(s) lying on a surface or hung on the wall as décor.
  15. Vintage lace curtains.
  16. Soaking tub rack that fits across your claw foot tub and holds soap, a candle, reading materials.
  17. Antique chandelier.
  18. Old, tall wooden stool for setting things on or for leaning on when needed.
  19. Repurposed vintage door.
  20. Old sink faucet handles mounted on the wall to hang things.


How To Sell Your Clothes After You Clean Out Your Closet

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Have you recently cleaned out your closet? It’s not an easy chore but it simply must be done on a regular basis if you hope to have a sane experience when you get dressed each day. Did you know, though, that there now exists some really cool options for the getting rid of the clothing you no longer want? They all smartly translate into ways to save money on the new clothes you plan to buy! Try one or all of these three suggestions!

  1. Visit a local retail resale shop. There are chains such as Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet, and nearly every town has at least one resell shop. Your best bet is to locate several. Then, you can go to each of them until you’ve gotten rid of everything. Shops usually have very specific buying criteria so a dress that goes unwanted at one shop might just the thing a different shop is looking to add to their inventory. Also, ask whether they are a resale shop or a consignment store. Resale shops buy the clothes from you and take on the responsibility of reselling them. They typically offer either a cash payment option or a trade option that is a slightly higher value than the cash.  If you work with a consignment store they will sell the garment on your behalf and split the profit with you, but you aren’t paid until the item actually sells. This makes it a lengthier process, but it’s not uncommon to ultimately make more money on the sale than you would from an outright buy at a resell shop.
  2. Sell your clothing on Ebay. The site offers plenty of easy guides and tutorials to get you started. One very important pointer: Use great photos! People don’t typically respond to listings on Ebay that show poor photos of the item.
  3. Join an online resale community. This is the newest, coolest option to recently emerge in the online consumer market. And, it’s fun! Like Ebay, you list your items and then mail them when they sell. Instead of cash though, you earn credit to spend on items other people have listed. They typically give you 20% of the cut, and the site features a pretty platform that includes pin-boards and a feed like Pinterest. Some feature online parties too! Two popular sites are Poshmark and Threadflip. 


Whether you work for someone or run your own business it’s valuable to be able to manage your work style. When you perform at your best you either receive the raise or promotion you’ve been hoping for, or you take your own business to the next level. However, being highly effective isn’t necessarily easy! Here are ten helpful tips on how to up your game. 

  1. Visualize the outcome of the day. What will it look or feel like when you’ve accomplished everything you’ve set out to do for the day?
  2. Once you’ve established your vision for the day don’t question it. Doubt and questioning waste time and energy.
  3. Tackle the most difficult job of the day first, while you have the most energy and resilience.
  4. Do real work before email or social networking. The day can slip away fast so it’s important to get real work done first, and then communicate.
  5. Make your clients your top priority when you begin the communication part of the day. Without your clients none of the rest of your business activities ultimately matter.
  6. Unlearn multi-tasking and use laser focus on one task at a time. You will be far more efficient and effective in the long run.
  7. If your to-do list is especially demanding use a timer. Allot only the amount of time you actually have available and set the timer at the beginning of each task. Set it to a 10 minute warning as well and then force yourself to complete all tasks within the time allowed.
  8. Start all tasks without perfection in mind. The goal is to simply get started without stopping to ponder. Give things at least a 15 minute start without hesitation. By quickly creating an initial attempt at any task you are making it far easier to hit your stride along the way.
  9. Play music or ambient noise at a low to moderate level. It’s been proven that background noise actually increases your productivity more than complete silence.
  10. Ensure there is plenty of ventilation and light in your workspace. Stale, stagnant air and a dark room can affect your brain’s ability to stay alert and “fresh.”


Happy Memorial Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Single Serve Smoothie Recipes That Use Nuts

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If you’ve recently visited a store to check out the selection of blenders you may have noticed the newest trend in foods that go round and round. Big bulky blenders are out, and smaller versions are in. There are all kinds of smoothie machines on the market and some are even combo machines that also serve as food processors, with just a switch of a few moving parts.

The beauty of this innovation is that you can now make single serve smoothies with ease. Not only is it more convenient (the mixing cups come with ring tops that allow you to drink right out of the cup), they are far more cost effective. You don’t have to use more ingredients that you need, so you won’t have to store any of the smoothie concoction in the fridge. Smoothies can potentially taste good the next day if you give them a second whirl in the blender, but it’s not nearly as bright and refreshing as when it slows to a stop after the first spin.

We have discovered just one obstacle to the enjoyment of this new technology. Most recipes aren’t portioned for just one serving. So, we created several for you! These particular smoothies all share one thing in common. They include nuts so you are sure to have some protein and healthy fat in your diet. Happy fruit spinning!


Pie Face

  • 1 tbsp crushed pecans
  • 1 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ginger powder
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • ½ apple cut into chunks with peel left on
  • 1/3 cup peaches
  • Whisper of sea salt


Berry Mango Delight

  • 1 handful mixed blackberries, blueberries, raspberries
  • 1/4 ripe diced mango
  • ½ tbsp vanilla protein powder
  • 5 cashews
  • 1/2 cup coconut water OR almond or rice milk
  • Whisper of sea salt


Fun with fiber

  • Water OR brewed then cooled herbal tea (lemon, raspberry, green, etc.) OR coconut water to achieve your preferred consistency
  • ¾ tbsp protein powder
  • ¼ cup almonds or walnuts
  • Almond or rice milk to cover the nuts in the bottom of the blender
  • 1 packet raw sugar (Stevia if you prefer)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup blueberries/raspberries/blackberries & mangoes/papayas/peaches
  • ½ small apple
  • ½ small ripe pear


Virtual Room Designer

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One of our favorite tools is our Virtual Room Designer. This tool enables you to visualize a variety of floor designs and materials in many different types of rooms. This can be incredibly helpful when you are just beginning to decide what kinds of flooring you want to use in the room you are redesigning. 

It can feel overwhelming when you first begin exploring the myriad of options there are and you might feel like there is so much to choose from it feels impossible to know where to start. But with this tool, you can easily picture what different flooring looks like from the comfort of your own home before you come in to visit our store.

The first step is to get online and head to to get started with our Virtual Room Designer. Below we will walk you through how to use this tool to illustrate how this feature of our website can be helpful to someone who is trying to decide on what flooring will be best for them.  

Once you have pulled up the link above in your web browser the first step is to identify what room it is that you are going to be designing. For example, say you are going to be changing the flooring in your kitchen—you would first click on the kitchen option. Below several options will appear and you can choose from these options which kitchen matches yours the best.

Next the picture you choose will bring up a window where you can try different materials in the room. This is the best part of the tool because it allows you to visually picture what kinds of flooring would look best with what you already have in your room. For example, you have chosen the kitchen that best matches your kitchen. You will then choose from the ‘type’ drop down menu, picking between things such as hardwood or ceramic tile. Once you’ve made your selection you can narrow your search based on brand, product and color group if you need to.

Have fun and try all different types of flooring! You never know what combination might look best and you might even try something you hadn’t thought of before. It could surprise you as your favorite! Once you have a selection of your favorite flooring come in to one of our locations and we will help you decide what flooring works best for your needs and your home.


Remove the Oil!

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Cooking is a joy in the home – the scents, helping one another and of course, the eating!  But what happens when cooking leads to a mess or even a spill? 


Inevitably when we are cooking or eating with oils there are bound to be accidents. It always happens when you are wearing your favorite white sweater while you are cooking and the oil jumps off the pan right onto it. Or when children are eating a salad and the bowl is accidentally knocked off the table and right onto the beautiful new carpet.


Luckily these little life accidents can be reversed if handled in a timely manner and save the carpet from permanent damage. The most important thing to know about these kinds of stains is that acting immediately is extremely important. The longer a spill remains on carpet, the harder it will be to remove.


The first step is to use a spoon and carefully scoop up any solid food that may have also fallen in the spill.  Next, gently blot the stained area with white paper towels. Test a spot remover on a hidden area of carpet to ensure the spot remover does not discolor the area.


For spot remover, combine ¼ teaspoon of liquid dish detergent with 1-cup lukewarm water.  Do not use automatic dish detergent (the kind used in a dish washing machine) or laundry detergent.  These will not help the stain and may damage carpet. 


Once you have confirmed your spot solution is not going to stain your carpet further, spray the spot solution onto the white paper towels and gently apply moving from the outer part of the stain inward, so as not to spread the stain further. Let the solution set for a couple of minutes and then blot to remove. This step may need to be repeated several times if the spot does not lift on the first try. Don’t use more than necessary, however.  More is not better!


Once the stain has been removed rinse the area several times with lukewarm water. Spot removal solutions can leave residues that soil can be attracted to. Use a bottle that will spray the water over the affected area so as not to oversaturate and blot with white paper towels. Repeat this process several times to be sure to remove everything from the carpet.


Don’t hesitate to ask the staff at Carpets N More any questions you may have about your carpet!  


Glam DIY Accessories For Your Vanity or Desktop

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If you’re a glamour girl and you like the style of your home to reflect it, don’t leave out the small details. Any glamour girl knows that a look is never complete without accessories and this includes the home. Here are some simple but effective ideas for giving your desk or vanity the finishing touch! 

Crystal vases: No DIY work required. Crystal exudes glitz and sophistication on its own. But skip the flowers because that’s too obvious. Instead, use them to store small items. Such as cotton balls, hair ties, paper clips, etc. This looks best when filled to the top so don’t use a vase that’s too large.

Glass, cylindrical vases: These are neat because you can see the items inside. So use them for things are aesthetically pleasing when grouped together. Nail polishes, lipsticks, colored pencils, etc. Again, the contents should fill the vase all the way to the top for it to look finished and decorative.

Glitter candles: No glam room is complete without glitter. Purchase plain white candles. Use Mod Podge and apply it in small dots or other designs around the candle. Rotate the candle while sprinkling it with fine grain glitter. It will be concentrated where the glue is and more spread out on the rest of the candle. Let dry and set in a crystal candle holder.

Small scale coffee table books with subjects that are glamorous: Use these to create tiers on your desk or vanity. Set vases, candle holders and other pretty items on them for display. This looks more interesting and polished than everything sitting at the same level. 


Your Holiday Season

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Hoping this holiday season is filled with happiness, laughter and love!  Make sure to take time to enjoy the family and friends gathered around you at this amazing time of the year.